Despite the terible road conditions, I made it to my fisrt SW class last night,I was not happy with my weight, but i am very possitve and know I will loose the weight. I was a bit confused at the extra easy plan, but i'm sure when i have read the books several times it will all make sence. The class sems really nice and the adviser is very friendly and approachable, so a good start... can't wait to get weighed next week x
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well done for starting, plans can seem a bit confusing at the start, but once its all in your head then i'm sure you will get the hang of it in no time.

I'm going to have a go at EE this week, normally i'm a red day girl, but i'm keen to have a go :D

Mrs V

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Well done for making that first step of walking through the doors of your first wont regret it!
Have a look at the Food Diary section on here for some ideas..there are several people that follow the EE plan and have put their diaries up for other people to get some tips and maybe this can help you Hun?

Good luck!



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Well done for going last night and having a great attitude towards your SW journey. Hope you have a fun first week x


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Great news hun!! You'll be fine! Just sit down for a bit and try and digest (scuse the pun!!) the info on EE! It's not that complicated at all- it just throws people coz Green and Red have been drummed into them in the past!! Just remember, tons of free foods, having as much superfree as poss to promote a speedier loss (fruit n veg), 1 HEXa and 1HEXb (I usually have either porridge, Weetabix, Alpen Light bars x2, Hifi bar, Ryvitas, Ryvita Minis, a wholemeal roll or 2 slices of Nimble bread as my bs and milk, 3 Babybel lights, 6 Laughing Cow X light triangles, or some other cheese in a salad or melted over pasta or a jacket as my a). Then have your syns on all the other little extras, that glass of wine, bit of chocolate, added ingredients in cooking etc etc! Don't forget if you really fancy further HEXa or HEXb options, you can count them as syns instead (each HEX is worth approx 5-6 syns). Hope this clarifies things a bit!!X


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Welcome to SW and I hope you enjoy it and get as much from it as I have.

EE seems a little confusing to start with, but luckily for new starters SW is very much geared toward WW now, so it is worth getting the magazines and having a good look over the boards here at Minimins, and I also recommend having regular visits to the SW website it will all help :)