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First Day of CD

Today is my first day with the CD.

I started because my mum is on it and over the last 6 months, I have watched her shrink and shrink and now for the first time ever she is the same size as my older sister.

She's lost almost 8 stone now and looks brilliant! Shes finally getting the attention she deserves. I know she's stil got a way to go but with each passing week she gets smaller and smaller.

Shes starting to complain about having loose skin. Which I understand is'nt the nicest thing to have. But at the end of the day, skin may look unpleasent, but fat looks unpleasent and kills.

My father died when I was seven and for as long as i can remember my mum has been big (or "cuddly" as i call her). I used to have nightmares about losing my mum too but now shes on this diet I know shes not going anywhere lol.

She is my inspiration, and im so proud of her.

When shes at target she'll weigh 10 stone 4, be a size 14 - 16 and HALVED in size.

It's so good to see my mum going out there and having fun again on these girlie trips clubbing with people from this website.

And seeing her so happy makes me happier.

It also makes me feel like that should be me.

I'm 18 years old and i never do anything anymore. I used to go out all the time. Too much even, so i was at the point where i drank and ate so much i put on 4 stone.

Hopefully, with CD, help from my mum and support from friends, I will be at target weight and feel how i want to feel. and look how i want to look.

I want to run at Race for life, in bedford this year, and with CD i know ill be able to do it without harming myself.

Only on day 1 so far, but ya no, every little helps! :D

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Hi Zoe, good luck to yourself on day one, and your mum, she sounds like she's doing so well..
definitly! :D:D:D xxxx


has started again!!
Well done your Mum and well done you for picking up the gauntlet she has passed to you! You have the best inspiration there, I am sure you will do it!

I only hope my Mum can see what I am doing too! I lost her 3 years ago, and she always worried about my size. I wonder if she can see I am finally getting to grips....

Best of luck!
Hiya Zoe - welcome to Minimins :D

I have no doubt that you will do just as well as your Mum... you sound really focussed....look forward to getting to know you and sharing your success ! :)




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Hey Zoe......how cool!! I was 18 when I started too. I feel like a right old timer at 21 now. lol.

Your mum must look fab!!

If you can get past the evil food tasting that you have to do, you'll be grand!!

Good luck!!


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HI Zoe!

Thats excellent :D
Hopefully you will do just as well as your Mum and you can be little skinnies swapping clothes together! :D
Wishing you the very best of luck Zoe :)
Your mum has done fantastically, each time she posts a photo I'm in awe of her achievements. I couldn't think of a better support for you on this diet than her (...well, apart from all of the miniminers of course :D)

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. Am rooting for you.
Love Kitty xxx
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Hi Zoe

Well done on taking the first steps. With your mum's support you'll be grand! She is truly an inspiration and from what she says about you I think you sound grand too! In fact I think you'll help each other tremendously!

Really looking forward to hearing about your journey as you go on. Good luck.

Love and hugs
Hiya Zoe,,,holy moley, how slow am I,,,swear to god, didn't realise who your mam was...OMG its me very own honourary plastic paddy FFnF.....didn't realise until tonight LMAO...:D :D

Hope ya don't mind being friends with your mams friends at the same time .....cuz i'll be popping past to check up on ya from time to time..

nice putting two and two and coming up with five ha ha,,hope your day went well...

cheers me dears....


finding my way again !
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welcome Zoe,
i know exactly why you feel your mum is an inspiration, cos she is to me too, she looks so fab at the mo & will be a stunner when she gets there.
with her support & knowledge you can't fail to go wrong.
good luck hun
I have just realized who you are and pleased we have another mother and daughter on here. My daughter is kitteh and she is 19. Your mum is such an inspiration to us all and i know she is to you too.
We will all be looking after you
Irene xx


Living the Life
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Good luck Zoe. I am sure that you will soon lose your weight especially with your Mum behind you. She has done wonderfully well and is an inspiration to us all.

I just wish my son's GF had a more supportive Mum because she needs to lose quite a bit. She wanted to try CD but gave up after one day because she was not getting any support. The trouble is her Mum has never been overweight so cant sympathise I suppose.

Good Luck Pam x


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Hello Zoe, welcome to minimins, Im sure you have taken a peek before while your mum has been on here. Good luck with cd, Im sure with you mums help you will do fantastic.


Minimins gal x
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Hi Zoe and welcome to MiniMIns. Well done on getting 2 day 2 once u have the first week out of the way it gets so mcuh easier. You have an amazing role model your mum and she looks amazing !!
By the time summer comes you would of lost so much weight and look amazing.
Take care and looking forward to reading about your weight loss journery xx
Day two, ouch!

Thanks to everyone!

lol didnt realise my mum was so popular haha.

As a lot of you have probably heard then, this morning was a bit of a disaster.

Woke up at 5 (16 pints of water's catchin up on me), and as i came out of the bathroom my sister called me from her room. So I went downstairs (her rooms in a garage conversion bodge job) and had a chat with her, just as i wan going into the kitchen to get a drink, my head went VERY light and i felt VERY sick (like when you drink waaaaay too much for your body to handle, right befor your sick for hours on end lol) so i sat down for a bit, felt better and got back up.
As i got through the dining room bit and close to the kitchen sink, every thing went really fuzzy and sort of dissapeared. I thought it would pass so i turned my tap on and reached towards the glass cupboard... nothin.

Next thing I knew, I hit my head on something bloody hard, and was on the cold slate floor of my kitchen. As you do, I woke up, Felt a massive pain in my head, and screamed, very, very, VERY loud. lol. My sister came running in, then ran straight upstairs to try wake my mum up... forgot to tell her mum sleeps with earplugs in because we have a noisey dog.

So mum gets woken up by panic stricken Sarah and all she can hear is me screaming like a five year old! lol.

Then theres all the fuss of getting me to the hospital, which i HATE.

Hospitals are horrible, every time you go everyones too busy and theyr always full of sick people. And I think they have a funny smell, like old peoples home kind of smell.

We sit around and I do a load of tests, none of which are explained to me why I'm doing them. And I'm told to wait for the doctor, who is outside the room im in having a nice little nap. I understand that it cant be an easy job, but ya no, if the doctors need to sleep while theyr at work then they're obviously being worked too hard (a real comfort).

Eventually after a load of tests and even more waiting, I'm told exactly what I knew before i got there. That i fainted and hit my head. Wow. lol.

So I'm sent home with a smile and a 'if it hurts take a paracetamol'.

Plus I'm sure that when i went in when i was little I used to get a nice sheet of interesting things to do when you hit your head. Do you not get them as you get older? Gutted.

So that was my morning berfor 8 even arrived.

What a way to get a day off college ay! lol.

But I'm not breaking the diet just because I had one hiccup, be it a bloody painful hiccup, but just a hiccup none the less.

I'm only just awake really, I've jus made myself my first very own muffin, and it was a lovely butterscotch one! And I like them, a lot. lol. Am on pint 2 of the day so far and my head hurts, along with my knee and my right knuckles (somehow they got grazed a long with my sexy bump on the head).

Any other challenges this diet has to throw at me, I say, bring it on! ... but please no more bumps to the head, this one nearly got my face lol.