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First day of ever feeling hungry....


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Today is the first day that I can actually say that I have felt hungry.... I went out this morning with boys till about 1ish then have been home as the weather was so c--p!! and Im not sure if its through boredom but I could have actually ate something........ but I didnt .. and feel good that I didnt but I hated having that feeling that I felt hungry as I havent had it before!!!

Im on week 10........... anyone know why??
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I don't know why curly.. an expert may be able to shed light!
You seem to have what I had yesterday....

Well done for staying strong though!!
It is a horrible feeling isnt it when the hunger bites....

Do you normally have your first shake earlier or something?

I find I am eating later and later in the day.. I never feel hungry in the morning but do get boredom hunger feelings in the evening..

Stay strong!!!



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
well done you for resisting.....its takes willpower & wow ur on week 10 u must have ooodles of it i cant imagine week 10 !!

maybe change around the times u have ur shakes x


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I'm not half as far along as you Curly, but I've been really hungry today too- even though I've been 100% all week. Feeling really fed up with it now. Just wanna tuck into the salad the h2b and kids are having for dinner


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Curly - You've done amazingly well to get to week 10.. I can only imagine being there!! Huge well done on resisting the urge to eat. Seriously, if I had a hat I'd take it off to you!! xx

Lisa - Don't do it, you're doing so well. You know you'll regret it afterwards! Go and have a nice relaxing bubble bath. Read a book. Paint your nails. Brush your teeth. Anything to keep you occupied. Imagine how great it will feel to come back here later and say "I resisted!" xxx


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Thanks AbFab. Just had another look at the inspirational piccies and have resisted. Even forced hubby2be to make my shake as I wanted to stay away from the lovely smells in the kitchen. So in a few mins I'll be having an ice vanilla shake and in half an hour when the kids are in bed, I'll pamper myself. WI tomorrow- all this effort better pay off!
Must be something in the air today, I have being on ketosis but today I felt kinda hungry, not really starving, just had a coffee and the feeling went away, I put it down to it being near my totm, didn't know someone else was feeling the same as me...lol, well done for abstaining.


Cambridge Consultant
Feeling much better now!! I might try another mix a mousse Im not sure whether to or not.. was not that bothered by it yesterday. Oh what to do what to do!!!! Shake or mix a mousse decisions decisions!!!!
have a nice relaxing bath for an hour....lol
It really must be something in the air today. I've been feeling hungry today too. Managed to resist, but had to watch hubby and son eat a takeaway. Normally I'm satisfied after eating a bar. I saved my soup to have with it but I'm still actually hungry now.


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Well done for resisting. I know the feeling well lol


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
good 4 u hun x
Ive been quite hungry this week too hun! I think loads of things can make us hungry... boredom, tireness, coldness, being more active, being surrounded by food ect. Thats the one thing with this diet - you cant eat when your hungry, even on healthy snacks. dammit!


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In the past, I've noticed that extra-hungry days are nearly always followed by dropping a couple of pounds overnight.

So it's definitely worth not giving into those naughty hunger gremlins!

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