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First day of slimming world rules!!!!!!

im 17 and weigh 15st....yeah i know bad real bad. I'v never been skinny well when i was 14 i went on this diet with no snacks for like 6months and then :character00255:.........i tasted chicken and chips again when i thought i was skinny and wow i wasnt skinny enough no more! . Since then i managed to stay 13 to 14st by going gym three times a week and doing jazz dance. Which was okay, i didnt feel ugly and fat but i did feel my thighs were HUGE! Then it became Ramadan (fasting month) when i became 16 and um....you know how your not eating and you dont get fat?:thinking2:hmmmmm....... well i pilled on!!!! sad but whatever NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!

So as i was saying My first day of slimming world? FREAKING RULED!!!!! i loved it man! i'm doing it with my sister and were doing it at home together i love it! I just had chips and meat free burgers all coming to 2 syns because i had a TABLE SPOON of ketchup! i thought we could only have a tea spoon and my sis was like NO a table spoon....seriously you guys should of seen me dancing. I was happy n my nephew came and perched himself next to me:sign0151: and STARTED EATING AT MY KETCHUP . I usually share everything with him but this time i was like. Baby thats my ketchup! buh so i got him his own ketchup stuff, if he wasn't 1 years old and sucked on the ketchup and put his chips back in the bowl and sucked the chip again i woulda kept sharing BUT THEY WERE PRECIOUS SYNS! :party0051: . im so happy and FULL! it beats 5 packets of crisps any day! I can eat whatever without thinking i need to eat a lot of fruit or cant have crisps because i definitely had crisps today! I actually thinks its the best decision i'v made. Im just going have some water or milk! considering its a healthy extra woooo! I'm actually really happy buh i sound like one of those fake people on the adverts, trying to sell their product. But F*** DIS IZ FREAKIN AWESOME! DNT FEEL FAT! here i come 11st but 1st ill get down to 14.5 c u guyz!! <3 4rm MIXIEB:talk017:
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S: 14st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 1st3lb(8.67%)
Good luck with your weight loss journey. :) xx

Thanks alot for your support guyz!:D

Right now i'm sitting at the laptop with my belly FULL! :cool: Im starting at day one in a half because i don't know the next time imma get a chance to type today!

tomorrow is my sisters birthday....and now i need to run out and buy the girl something. Maybe i should get her another child? hmm- no. so ill get her something else like hug. I can imagine how she'll like that:- :argh: im joking im hiding her present until tomorrow.

I call my nephew an evil mastermind....why.....you may ask? Well i expressed him as this before:- :sign0151: well what he's doing now will explain why: First he's grabbing my hand to stop me typing with my left and then he's pulling the charger...oh and now he's trying to snapthe laptop in half by pulling on the screen... i WONDER WHERE HE GETS THAT FROM?.

Well anywayz it was Fatabbytastic today! I had a meat free burger with bread for breakfast and Yam with spinach for lunch :spit:...... which tasted like salt....:patback: (sorry Queenbee8687 as she made the salt tasting spinach) and sum sexy fish i dont really like fish because of all the bones but today i was like :welcome:

i had a packet of crisp for my snack...which i savoured and guess who came to keep me company to eat my crisps.....yup the evil mastermind....Its like he has a sixth sense.

Anyway at the same time i get my crisps he wakes up all the way from Queenbee's room and makes his way to me:superwoman:, he looks at me and says the dreaded word.....'Mummy chip chip'(so innocently) Queenbee8687 is like 'Hey mixieb give him some crisps' I give her a look that could cool off a moose at mating time.(<<got that from the play Guys and Dolls) And then Queebee8687 remeber's 'oh yeah, sorry evilmastermind their 7syns' but i give him two crisps before she gives him his noodles. I mean before it wasn't a problem me and Evilmastermind like the same things so we eat them together....well I in masses buh when syns are involved it seems like he's the one eating more today.

Well anyway see ya and evil mastermind says bye byeee...were going out to buy his mummy a present now ^^ :devilangel:


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