First Day on Cambridge


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Hi all

New to Minimins and having just topped 200lbs have decided I need to take drastic action.

Did lose a couple of stone 3yrs ago on LL but have put back 1.5stone and feel awful clothes don't fit and the spare tyre round my middle could compete with Michelene!

Ok positivity! Day 1 of CD today at home on study leave today so will probably log on evenings in future seems like there is a lot of fantastic support on here for each other some of you have done so well!

How do you get the weight loss tracker's into your profiles?

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Good luck suerich, you're in the right place x


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Good Luck Sue. Its my first day today as well. I lost 4 stone in 2007 and LL but have put back three. Stay positive we can do it


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Good luck Sue! xx


I can do this.
good luck.


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Hi Sue, ive been on the CD for 4 days now and am starting to actually enjoy it (yeah i know, how sad is that!). Once your over the first couple of days of hunger then it gets easier.

Hope you do really well on it.

Purple Hugs

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Hi and welcome.. there is a thread on adding a ticker somewhere..

But if you go into 'user cp' near the top of your page you can edit your signature with the 'code' you can copy when you create a ticker (click on my ticker to take you to the ticker site - you need to make one of your own from there). :) Hope this is enough info.. if not then I'll try to dig out the thread for you :) you might find it by searching. :)

I'm on day 1 of my re-start too..started last night. :)
All going well so far :) not even hungry so that's great news. :)

Hope you are doing well, as said already the first few days can be rough if you're in carb/sugar/caffeine withdrawl or hungry but it does get easier once ketosis kicks in.. just be sure to drink all your water! :D and more if possible.. really helps the losses.. someone once said if you don't drink your water, it's like letting your fat go, but not opening the door for it to leave! ;) something like that anyhow.. makes sense that we need to flush it through and gain the water from the food we're not eating too. :)


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone for your encouragement not feeling too bad today at day 3 finding it hard to drink the water whilst its so cold but can't say I've felt hungry.

Keep telling myself i've got 100 days to stick to this which is when I go buy an outfit for my friend's wedding.

Does anyone else tick off the days?