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First day


Still Motivated
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Hello lee2k5 :wavey:

Looking forward to sharing your journey.

Personally, I don't do ketostix as I don't see the point to be honest.

Were you eating anything and everything prior to today or were you winding down perhaps with lo-carbs?

Are you doing total solution? If so and you follow it to the letter then whatever you are going to lose fat.

Love Myr xxx
Hi Myr,
I went mad eating yesterday as i knew i would be starting today.
Yes I'm doing the total solution and I AM going to stick to it. determined.


taking it 1 day at a time
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Hi Lee2K5, welcome and good luck. How much are you hoping to lose? The first 3 days or so are challenging but once you get over that its just the head battle you have to win.
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Well done for starting. And as for ketostix - don't rely on them too much, or at all. All they do is show up excess ketones in your urine. (Some people don't have any to excess, some people have more than others.) The levels can vary throughout the day, and therefore there is no such thing as 'full ketosis'. Even if there was, the ketostix would not reliably measure it anyway, even though they provide a scale.

In short, while your body may be in ketosis, the amount of ketones expelled can be so variable (or even none) that ketostix are nothing more than a diverting gimmick. I've got some somewhere, but I don't really bother either. So don't get hung up about the readings, just stick to the diet and you won't go far wrong.

If you got as far as ketosis on day one, I's say you were pretty lucky!
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First day today

No problems so far other than i miss my coffee!!!!! water is just soo boreing... other than that things seem to be fine. I have a busy week at university this week so im hopeing ill be so distracted i wont realise that im hungrey... here is hopeing!

S: 132.1kg C: 132.1kg G: 100kg Loss: 0kg(0%)
Am getting quite used to black coffee and tea now. It takes a while, but you get there...


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I can't drink coffee with milk now and I used to have loads in before the diet. Congratulations on getting the first day over with.
Bren xx


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bit keen with the ketostix my dear
try in about 3/4 days

tea-don't let the bag stew for long
or its gets all bitter

and if he still doesn't come through with the cuppa tea quick enough, go give him a kick up the ar**