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First Day!

Ok it was my first day on the RC Inch L Plan today. I changed the menus around a little, this is what i have had for day 1:

Breakfast= Yellow portion of Special K with skimmed milk from allowance.

Powersnack= 12 grapes

Lunch= Salad (lettuce, cu, toms, beetroot) with small serving of prawns.

Powersnack= 2 satsumas

Dinner= ww lasagne (under 400 cals and less than 5% fat), steamed vegatables and muller light yog.

drinks= diet coke, water, coffee.

I also did an hour workout at the gym today.

Does this seem ok for my first day? Just a bit worried as adapting things from the green book!

Ta! :rolleyes:
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Well i have to say that i am quite a newcomer to RC too, BUT to me your menu for today looks fab!
Look forward to checking out your menu tomorrow!
Frankie xx
2nd day-Thursday

Ok 2nd day today:

Breakfast= yellow pot of museli and skimmed milk.

powersnack= 12 grapes

Lunch= 1 wholemeal pitta bread, lettuce, cucumber and small tin of WW coronation tuna. 3 cherry toms.

no powersnack pm

Dinner= ww meal-under 400 cal and 5% fat and mixed salad. fat free low calorie jelly.

drinks= coffee, diet coke, sugar free lemon squash.

exercise= 50 lengths swimming :)

feeling really full after dinner tonight-think i did too big a salad! think im gonna buy a smaller plate for me to have dinner on to help control my portion sizes.

the only thing thats letting me down is that i ate a few cherry toms and olives whilst preparing my salad-didnt realise they had calories too! will be more careful of that now!

really hope this is gonna work. my other half wanted to take me out for dinner tom night but i have told him no i cnt as need to control what i eat :( worried about getting through the weekend now! :wave_cry:
yeh i jus saw that they had calories too!hehe!

Ok day 3 was:

Breakfast= 1 weetabix, milk and sliced banana

Lunch= prawn salad

Dinner= a bit strange as was out- in Starbucks and i was VERY controlled and just had celery, carrot and humous which was def under 400 cals and less than 5% fat.

Powersnacks= 12 grapes (which i saved to eat in the cinema! how good am i?!haha!)
100g pinapple

Exercise= 1 hr workout at gym including 20 mins on bike, 15 mins on x trainer, 15 mins on treadmill and some situps.

was very pleased with myself today as we went into starbucks and all i had was a black coffee and my celery and carrot pot with humus! And then went to the cinema and i saved my 12 grapes powersnack in the morn and had them while i was watching the film! And then to top it off afterwards my bf decided he wanted a burger from Macdonalds! So i went in with him, ordered nothing and watched him eat his big Mac meal! Very chuffed with myself! Bring on the weekend! :)
Day 4:

Breakfast= fruit and fibre-yellow pot, milk.

Lunch= soup (under 400 cal) and muller light yog.

Dinner= we went out to a restaurant-was not planned! i paniced but had a chicken, bacon and aubergine salad. Not sure how healthy this was but was the best thing on the menu that I cld choose.

Power snack= 150g strawberries
small banana

Exercise= 1 hr of a hard areobics class at gym! :)
Don't think you need to worry about the salad too much to be honest, you went for a healthy options, and hey, you done a hours hard work down the gym too!
Frankie xx

Ok day 5 =

Breakfast= 2 scrambled eggs, 100g of toms and grilled mushrooms.

Lunch= prawn salad.

Dinner= chicken and vegetables. Muller Light yog.

Powersnacks= pinapple

Exercise= an 1hr walk along the sea front!

Only 2 days to go before my first weigh in! :wave_cry:
Day 6=

breakfast= yellow pot fruit and fibre

Lunch= s/which under 300 cals and 5% fat

Dinner= ww meal (under 400 cals and 5% fat) and veg

P/snacks= 2 kiwis

Exercise= 1 hr hard areobics class

Its my first weigh in tom! Really nervous! Hope i have lost a bit to give me some more motivation :)
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well had my first WI- i lost 4lbs this week. Quite disappointed really as i thought most people tended to loose around 5-6lbs in their first week :( lacking some motivation now :(

Todays food diary=

Breakfast= yellow pot fruit and fibre

Lunch= soup (under 300 cal and 5% fat)

Dinner= ww meal and small portion of trifle (my treat after weigh in!)

P/snack= pinapple

Exercise = 30 min workout, Zumba class and RC areobics class.
think you did really well to lose 4 pounds, so WELL DONE!!!!!
glad to see you treated yourself to a trifle after weigh in, doesn't actually look as though you had your whole calorie alowance yesterday any way probably!
Have another good week!
Frankie xx
Thank you! Had a good think about it yesterday and feel pleased that i lost that! so fingers crossed for nxt week!

Ok food eaten on day 8=

Breakfast= 1 weetabix and sliced banana

P/S= small apple

Lunch= Salmon salad

P/S= Pinapple

Dinner= ww ocean pie meal and veg.

Exercise= a 4 mile jog ! :)
I'm pretty nu 2 ur menu's are looking good
Thankyou! Ok Day 9=

Breakfast- 1 weetabix and banana

P/S= small apple

Lunch=sandwhich under 300 cal

P/S-Muller yog

Dinner- WW pizza meal -under 400 cal and 5% fat- small salad.

Didnt do any heavy exercise today as i have pulled a muscle in down my side which has been very painful! did do lots of housework thou and walking around the shops!
Day 10=

Breakfast= 1 weetabix and sliced banana

Lunch=Soup-under 300 cal and 5% fat

P/S= 1 small apple

Dinner= we ate out last night but i was sensible and choose the bacon, chicken and penne pasta salad and cut all the fat off the bacon!

Treated myself to some jellybeans whilst watching a film tonight- are these high in fat/calories?

No exercise today although did quite a lot of walking. was really pleased as went shopping and managed to buy 2 skirts size 12-before i started a wk and a half ago i was a tight size 14! so very happy :)
Day 11 =

breakfast= muller light yog and banana

Lunch= salmon salad

Dinner= WW meal

did have a few snacky bits at a family party-mostly olives, toms and 1 small salmon on bread piece! did succome to jellybeans in eve thou :(

exercise- 1 hr areobic class

Day 12=

breakfast-yellow pot of fruit and fibre
lunch=s/w under 300 cal
p/s= fresh fruit smoothie home made!
dinner= ww meal and salad
had a few jellybeans again tonight :( got to stop munching on these!!

exercise- a long walk along the seafront and pier :) am now very sunburnt!
Day 13=

Back at work now so much easier to stick to as usually too busy to think about food so less temptations!

B/fast= special K and green tea
am P/S= 12 grapes green tea
Lunch= soup under 150 cal and 5% fat and a muller light yog-green tea
pm P/S= 2 kiwis- green tea
Dinner= ww meal and small bag of steamed veg.

coffee, coke, water.

Exercise= 1 hr of cardio workout at gym

2nd weigh in tom night- hope i havent ruined it by munching on jellybeans this weekend! Nearly completed the first 2 weeks of 1200 cal allowance! cnt wait to be able to have treats! :)
Have to say that i agree with you, sticking to diet is much easier during the week, too many distractions at the weekend!
Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow night!
Frankie xx
so true,w/ends are sooooo hard

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