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First day!!

Hi everyone,

After several failed attempts over last few weeks i'm back on LT and determined to stick to it this time. I thought if i posted on here rather than just lurking it might provide me with some much needed will power so here goes!! I'm amazed at the will power you guys show, feel like a right wimp struggling through the first day when people are months in, big respect for you all!!!:)

Starting weight-17st4lbs
Week one WI-
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hello shandypants :)

welcome to the forum, well done for having the determination to stick to it this time, and the fact that you keep re starting just shows that you really do want this!

this is my second time on lipotrim and basically it was now or never.... i was either going to succeed with it this time or i would never be able to! and so far ive done well ive been on it 5 weeks now, not a right long time i know, as some people have been on it a fair few months but it kinda gets easier the more you go on, and when the weight starts coming off the more it motivates you to keep going, just stay strong and you will do it, if you ever feel down or want to moan pop on here and just let it out we are all in the same boat and know how hard this diet can be, just stay strong and you will do great, also maybe set yourself mini goals to aim towards i find its a great incentive to keep going and great motivation when you reach them!

good luck x
It's a big step so well done, you've crossed the first hurdle in starting the plan. Once you get the first few days over you, it will be so much easier and the fact there are so many of us on the same journey helps too! Drink plenty of water, keep yourself busy and stay positive and your first weigh in will be here in no time


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome shandypants (luv the name).

Don't dwell on your previous failed attempts, forget them. This is a new start for a new you and you will succeed! Keep drinking plenty of water and logging on here for support, advice or just a chat. This is a lifesaver. Good luck, not that you're going to need it!

Thanks for the comments everyone, i feel really motivated today the sun is out too that helps!!

Lady24 well done, five weeks is fantastic!! I know what you mean i'm in the same place, fed up of being overweight and the restrictions it makes on my life. I want to take my 10month old daughter swimming and wouldn't dare the size i am now, so that's my ultimate goal!! I know if i don't get a grip of my weight now it's only gonna get harder the older i get!!

Silvermist- that first weigh in is my first goal, i'm trying to aim to get through a week to begin with i know once i see the weight coming of i will be inspired to carry on!!

MiniB- The name is from my email address which i found really amusing until i had to give my email address to the likes of the bank and the childrens school, causes a few sniggers lol!

Thanks again everyone, i'm even more motivated now!!

Laura xx


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Started lipotrim today. I am fed up of my weight, fed up of not being able to shop at all stores and fed up of describing myself as big. I had made a couple of attempts to do lipotrim but wasnt serious. I know it works and I want it to work for me.

Am feeling abit anxious, cold and my hands are abit shaky. Has anyone experienced the same?

I'm with you there, i remember when i lost weight a while ago and i was so pleased to be able to walk in normal shops and buy clothes, i'm currently limited to the frumpy range in asda :O(

I had the shakey thing last time i did lipo but not till around day three, from what i can gather it wears of after a while. My sis did LT For a few months and after the first few weeks said she felt really good!

I broke last night and had a cuppa, but i'm not going to dwell will just look at it as a false start and carry on grrrr i never used to struggle with will power, finding it soooo hard this time. Someone give me a big kick up the bum please!!!



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consider yourself KICKED lol right you have had your cuppa, thats it. you are back on the LT train along with the rest of us. if you feel tempted, come on here and read some of the stories. good luck with it :) xx


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Welcome and good luck with the diet......I will also be restarting this friday or monday depending when my money goes in......this will be my second attempt but I am going to do it.....
Posting will certainly help more than lurking...lol....any questions someone will come along to help....
Good luck and keep us posted x
Thanks guys, i'm in a much better frame of mind today, i've been a very good girl no slips and still have a shake to go!! For some reason i have found today much easier. My worst time of day is when my hubby get's in but today i took myself of for a sunbed session when he arrived and felt fine by the time i got back!!

Sonkie- Everyone says it's harder to re-start my mum and sister did great a while ago on LT but are struggling to get back into it, apparently if you can get through the first week it get's easier again, so i'm hanging in there. My first goal is just to get through the first week then i'm sure the weight loss will spur me on!! Good luck!!

Hez- Fantastic weight loss!! It's reading the weight loss trackers that keeps me going. It definately helps posting in here so if anyone is lurking and wondering, go for it!! No one seems to bite no matter how starved we are ha ha! :O) xx
wooohoooo i got through a whole day!! That's nothing comapared to most people on here but i'm celebrating every single achievement lol!!
Hi Shandypants (love the name :) )
Ive only just started as well, yesterday was my first day and its going ok-ish so far, finding it hard to finish shakes cos I dont like the taste! lol. I can imagine how awful you feel with giving into tempation, but dont worry, its one slip up which wont happen again, lol.
Slipped up today myself, was offered a sweet by a work collegue and just took it without thinking...It was mid-chew before I remembered my diet!! is going to be hard to stop those reflexes, thus just like with training a new puppy, accidents will happen!

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