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First encounter at the gym!!!!

Today was my first time at the gym in months :D I only did a 30 min work out on the cross trainer which burnt me a whole 450 calories (which I was extremely please with) and because it Hirt soooooooooo much......I didn't want to put anything in my mouth afterwards as I didn't want to ruin that god damn hard work!!!! Oh and I managed to save 4 points (which is unheard of for me lol)
Does anybody else find that exercise curbs your appetite?? Xx
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I love love love the gym. I find i am starving when i come out , but more likely beacause i swim after my workout. I do interval training and totally swear by it, also i do weights / resistance first as my pt says any kind of weights or resistance traing builds lean muscle which in turn gives you a higher metabolism , also drinking milk after a workout rather than diet soda etc helps build lean muscle. I am absorbing every bit of info she gives me as it all seems to help so much. I am lucky to have a lovely gym cafe to make use of and all the soups are yummy healthy home made ones so thats my first stop after swimming ..lol !!!!!!!!!!!
slimmarach - you're having great losses. What's your secret? Apart from the gym of course
Hi. Thanks. I think it's just tracking absolutely everything, i take my points calculator shopping, eating out, everywhere. Plus i make lots of meals at the begining of the week and portion them out so i'm never tempted to just grab whatevers in the cupboard. I eat lots of low or zero point soups, sweet potato and cauliflower curry , these sorts of things really keep me full. Also drinking loads of water all day long, and i never eat after 7 pm if i can help it. I wish you lot's of luck on your weight loss journey. xxx
well done!!!! i love the feeling i get after a good work out and it makes u appreciate how hard uv worked and the food u put in your body afterwards i think!!! it does get easier so keep up the good work, ul soon see your shape change!!! iv not been to the gym for a while tho i am a member, i tend to use it for swimming. id love to get back to it, but its that first work out dread!!!!

good luck on your weight loss journey x
Yeah I agree on the not eating after 7pm. I did follow this the 1st time round on WW. Not doing it now but I am going to try and start from tonight. I find it's between 7 - 9pm that I start to pick at stuff. So might be worth trying again.
Thanks so much for all of your messages!!!!
The tips from Slimmarach are really new & helpful......I have never hear of interval training so it's something I will e trying soon!!!!
Just got back from the gym & I will NEVER have para for tea & then go to the gym again!! Hardest workout EVER!!!!
Thanks again & good luck xx xx

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