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First few days

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Farewellflab, 3 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Farewellflab

    Farewellflab Member

    Hello everyone; my first day on Exante (and MiniMins),
    I'm doing Total Solution Man Plan (4 food packs, 800 cal a day). First time doing any diet like this and am a little anxious to say the least! My husband is doing total solution (600cal) so we have each other but he has done VLCD before so knows what to expect!

    Any advice on getting through the first 2-3 days? Anything is much appreciated
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Well-Known Member

    Good luck!! Get the first few days over then it's easy (ish!) lol!! :)
  4. Farewellflab

    Farewellflab Member

    Which plan did you do?
  5. bob123

    bob123 Well-Known Member

    The 3 packs a day one. Once you reach ketosis I'm sure you'll be fine with 3 too, but whatever works for you and is easiest for you to stick to is the main thing :) how have you found your first day?
  6. Farewellflab

    Farewellflab Member

    Hard! Have had six weeks of eating what we like so it's been quite the shock to the system! Enjoyed all the food packs though which is a bonus but my mind has been fixated on food all day (doesn't help that I work for Waitrose!)
  7. bob123

    bob123 Well-Known Member

    Lol, how strange, I'm going down for a waitrose seminar today! I promise it gets easier, weigh daily if it helps the first week - nothing's more motivating than seeing those numbers go down :)

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