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first flapjack, never again

hi, just had my first peanut flapjack (actually its in the bin) never tasted anything as horrible in my life theyre disgusting,:eek::jelous:. thought i would try chewing something for a change wish i hadnt bothered i bet the bottom of a budgie cage would be nicer.got a spare shake from last week left thank god.
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Is thinking positive!
I know what you mean, I got one and tried it in the back of my sisters new car, It was that disgusting I honestly thought I was gonna throw up in the back of the car :D
if i had carried on eating it i definately would have thrown up, is there anyone who actually likes them?


Is thinking positive!
if i had carried on eating it i definately would have thrown up, is there anyone who actually likes them?
I think I have read a few posts on this board where people have actually liked the flapjacks...:eek: Very weird people in my opinion :D
they are absolutely gross - i had to have one today as i was out at a meeting. It took me half an hour to get through it. Sick. I forgot how nasty they are :(
god they are gross,why dont lipotrim come up with something a bit tastier i wonder,
they do say on the video they aren't meant to be 'palateable' but those flapjacks are just taking the pee!
i love marmite - just not flapjacks! (well not LT ones ;))
oh yum - my faves are from Tesco - called chocolate drizzle flapjacks. To die for!

Having said those bad boys had about 350 cals in them - and i would eat that as a snack!!!! LOL
Perhaps the name flapjack is the problem. If they called them chipboard slice or carpet tile cutting you would have a bit of a clue. Its cruel calling them flapjacks.

All said, I now actually like them, but it takes a couple of months to get to that stage. :8855:


Here we go again!
I tried the coconut flapjack a few weeks ago and could only manage two thirds of it. It was gross. I love marmite too but that was just plain nasty! I agree that an MDF slice would have been preferable!
I may be the minority but i actually don't mind them. Initially in the first few weeks i wasn't keen but this last week i have had one everyday and enjoyed actually chewing something,oh and it keeps me regular ;)
I must be one of the 'very weird people' because I actually like them. The coconut one is my favourite, but it took my 3rd peanut flapjack before I acquired the taste for it lol.
i still remember the day i tried one and oh my god lol

think it was the worst thing i have ever eaten
1st taste ov them n yuck nearly chucked up!! but u get used 2 them. now i eat them at T time so kids can see me eating something little girl was getting worried cos she hadnt seen me eat.
even tho ther not that bad they still take some getting down lol
I had my first one about an hour ago - coconut. Yes it was pretty vile but I really enjoyed chewing something as the roof of my mouth was feeling really weird so think it helped! maybe I'll have two or three per week.

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