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First Hamper for Sledgin...

So here I am popping up to say hello girls, please give me all the support you can... and I'll be here to do the same for you guys x

I ordered my first hamper today, am 14 stone (God that is so strange to type and tell complete strangers, especially when I reveal my weight to no one) - But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get thinner!

So I want to tell you me little story (you gorgeous and very quickly shrinking bunch!)...

Many moons ago I was a size 8, then 10 and was a 10/12 when I met my husband. I gradually grew after an accident resulting in a back injuty and when I started my own business working solid from home (as well as doing everything else)

I wouldn't say I was particularly big back then, but it all went totally nuts in 2007.

September 2007 was the worst and best month of my life all in one go... I lost my father and a week later I found out I was pregnant.

Fortunately at least dad knew we were trying, so that was something... But as you can imagine I was gutted and overjoyed at the same time - The old emotions were all over the place (and I think they still are).

Me being me, I also gave up smoking in the same month (as my dad passed of smoking related illness so I decided to quit) - I guess bereavement, quitting smoking and pregnancy all at once don't really add up to a thin girl do they?

My point exactly!

...Especially when I started off as a round child, who turned into a 'round' teenager. (If you're wondering it was the whole 'clubbing' thing that got me down to a size 8/10 many moons ago) - needless to say as soon as I stopped the exercise the weight hopped back on... It's difficult trying to battle that little round kid inside...

But anyway, now I have a beautiful 8 month old son and a wonderful husband (together 17 years and I'm only 33). We were childhood sweethearts and he has no problem with my weight, but as is usually the case - I do. Let's just say the 'usual' insecurities crop up... lights off, duvet all of that palava... Not good. Especially when I used to swing from the ruddy light fitting while it was on!

Now I have a chronic back injury (so no more swinging - Boo!) and I also had a section birth as my son would have been 11lb on his due date... You are supposed to have a tummy measurement when pregnant (from top to bottom) that reflects your pregnancy in weeks (when you're 40 weeks, you're 40 cm and full term) - My tummo was 45 cm at 7 and a half months! So you can imagine, son is big and mummy's tumkin remains large yet weirdly deflated... Eeee!

Oh, and my metabolism is still to find out I've had a baby as it's so slow. I have lost a stone since having Jaycen and have virtualy lived on cherries to do that. I've struggled to get rid of 'the tummy', it's just not happening - hence Diet Chef and me here - Da Daaaa!

So do I move?
Yes, I walk everywhere every day (I don't drive) and get lots of exercise that way and running around after my son. Other exercise is difficult due to my back most days (but not impossible sometimes)

So that's me...

I'm looking forward to my hamper arriving and making it through the next five weeks (yep, I got the free week woohoo!)

So tell me about you?
How are you going?

Hugs Sledgin x
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maintaining since June'09
Hi Sledgin!

Just a quickie to say all the best! You'll love Diet Chef I'm sure and people are doing really well on it and eating yummy food at the same time.

I lost my Dad in August 2007 :( so I know exactly what that feels like! No baby that late for me though - my youngest was 22 then :)

Let us know how you get on! xx
Thanks Jan, I will...
Looking forward to my first hamper.

So I see you have been on Diet Chef, how did it work for you?


Stubborn and doing it
Welcome :D

I lost my dad in April last year - it came as such a shock even though he had been in hospital with sepsis for two weeks - don't think we wanted to believe he was that ill. He's been such a fit fella, sigh! No baby here either - just kitties and one hubby.

I'm currenting doing Go Lower, but did Diet Chef last year and lost a stone in a month before going on holiday. Did it for a month in Jan this year and lost about 8lbs on it (well, wasn't exactly a good girl to be honest!), and then got flu which scuppered my losses.

Diet Chef is fantastic - great food and simple to follow. It does require willpower though - think that's the same for all diets.

For good examples of people doing really well, check out jrabbit (Jess) and bryal (Laura) - they are good girlies hehe!

Great, I'll check those two out Caroline - Thanks!
You seem to be doing really well, 10lb in such a short time... How is Go Lower working out for you and what does it involve?


Stubborn and doing it
I love Go Lower. It's similar to Diet Chef, except that it is also low carb and more expensive. I love DC, but GL has advantages from a personal view - I like nuts and Go Lower is stuffed with them hehe! But alas, the expense is a killer, sigh! I hope to be able to stick with it for another box worth but will see - I'm sure you know how finances can be up and down.

So wheres about in Cheshire are you? I grew up in Altrincham.
Just outside of Warrington.

Mmm... Sounds interesting that - I too am a fan of nuts!


No, but seriously it sounds good - what are their prices?


Stubborn and doing it
Warrington ain't that far hehe! Love the market - fantastic :O

£252 per box so a lot more than DC as you currently get the five weeks, but with Go Lower you just get the four. It's worth bearing in mind if you fancy a change - unless you can afford it of course. I can afford another box for next month but think I'll have to swing back to DC as work has not been so busy this month.

Any news on your delivery?
Hi Sledgin - and a BIG welcome. :welcome:

I am just starting my 2nd hamper and so far so good.

I am enjoying this diet and love the food !

I am in a slightly boring routine with it all - but I have had the odd meal out and eat a roast with the family every weekend.

I have cut out the vino - which I really miss and tho' I am not a raging alcoholic :party0036:(I work 22 1/2hrs a week and I have 4 gorgeous children ) but the wine was my reward for getting thro all the challenges that work and the children throw at me from M-F and generally I saved all my units for Friday and Saturday nights !! Supplemented with a family sized bag of Revels or Malteesas..........:17729:
I haven't missed the choc as much as the wine !!

I have several stone to lose and so plan to be around for a while - I have found this forum totally supportive and completely addictive and have made lots of new cyber friends. :grouphugg:
Wishing you lots of willpower!


maintaining since June'09
Thanks Jan, I will...
Looking forward to my first hamper.

So I see you have been on Diet Chef, how did it work for you?
Like (almost) every other diet I've ever been on it works great when you stick to it!! The great thing about DC is it's very tasty and all done for you.

I just lost my way a bit - well quite a lot really - so I'm having a break from it and doing something else but I'll deffo use it again!!

Good Luck again! xx


Silver Member
Great, I'll check those two out Caroline - Thanks!
You seem to be doing really well, 10lb in such a short time... How is Go Lower working out for you and what does it involve?
Hello there, glad you are aboard the diet chef train. The only way is down now and the food tastes great as well BONUS!!

Good luck and look forward to your losses. :D:D
Hamper arrived!


So the hamper arrived yesterday and I unpacked...

I'm so impressed with the taste and quality of the food! It's delicious so far and I feel confident about sticking to it.

The boxes arrived yesterday afternoon, so I had the sausage casserole for tea and a nakd bar for supper. I've stuck to it today with my grenola (which I love anyway), mushroom soup for lunch and vegetable pasta for tea. I had a nakd bar and an apple for my snack (I've chooped up the nakd bar into chunks so I can pick at it through the day) - It really seems to help if I'm peckish...

I had chinese leaves with my pasta.

Chuffed to bits as I was expecting some icky grub (which is the norm for diet food eh?)

So happy at the mo... I've even stuck to my milk ration - Just having the last bit now in a decaf tea - I'm a bit of a tea tank so thought that would be really difficult (but I just added some water to my ration so it went further) - Please let this work over the next five weeks!!!

Thanks for all of the messages of encouragement - Didn't want to post until my first full day was over so I had something to say. LOL!

Huge hugs x Sledgin
Good Luck !! I am enjoying this as much as the day I started and it certainly is not a toil for me - almost a new way of life !!

Make sure you drink plenty over the first few days (water etc) so as to avoid the headaches that some people seem to get (I wonder if it is a bit of a detox type headache). The other 'side effect' I have had is an overwelming feeling of coldness but even that is getting better, it mostly is in the evenings and we live in an old, draughty house so say no more...........

Lastly keep your motivation going with lots of positive support from everyone here - it really is a very positive environment!!!
Thanks tons Laura - I'm going to try and keep everyone posted here every day and pop in for regular support (like you say x )

I need to go and buy some bottles of my raspberry water today as I know I need to drink more as I have been getting the odd headache. I haven't had that cold feeling you mention, though I also have a house with cold chills so am surprised that I haven't...

Will have to get a ticker and a spangly weigh in day signature thingy sorted out now? I think I'll weigh in on a Friday. I started on Saturday this week, but Friday mornings are relatively quiet for me, so it's the best day I guess x

How is everyone else doing?
Let me know...
Sledgin x

Been quite hungry today, but still sticking to the rules...

Half of my problem is working from home so I'm used to grazing through the day...

Crossing my fingers that I'll get used to the portions quickly - I'm determined not to cheat! (Even when my husband came in with a huge box of Jaffa Cakes - Bless him, he'd hidden them so I wouldn't be tempted but I spotted them before he even walked the shopping in!)

Think thin thoughts for me...

Sledgin x


maintaining since June'09
Well done on your resolve despite being hungry!! Often an extra drink can stave off the hunger - geen tea is good and goes towards your water intake! Keep up the good work!! xx

I'm happy today - regardless of being hungry I'm still sticking to the plan and have been out to buy new (more interesting) fruit and veg options and my raspberry water.

I laid out a huge party table full of food this morning for my mum and didn't pick once, just made my three bean and chorizo soup after I had finished. Got baby home and while he napped I got some work done with a nairn biscuit and a brew...

Had the lamb hotpot yesterday and thought it was delicious - the only meal I've had issue with so far is the vegetable pasta as it's a litte 'too' strong on the tomato for my taste - It sounds strange but with some extra chopped tomatoes I'm sure that would water down that strong flavour - I'll still order it again and try that. My favourite by far is the sausage casserole - yummo!

Trying the meatballs tonight x

Sledgin x


Silver Member
ooohhhh the meatballs you are in for a great meal tonight. I am having the pea and ham soup but i am adding extra ham that we cooked this weekend, I had the 3 bean chilli for lunch with a pack of plain doritos so have the calories left for the extra ham (not that it needs it but the ham is delicious) have a great meal and well done. :D

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