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First step

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Hi guys,

This is my first post in the exante forum. I was on the lipotrim diet and had to stop due to financial problems. However, after about 5 weeks off I now want to get back on but this time with exante. The problem is I keep trying to start everyday. But each day it gets to about 7pm and I have to eat something. I don't know whether it is because there is no actual weigh in but I just cant seem to find the will power to start. Has anyone else had a problem re starting a VLCD before? Any tips on how to do it? Its driving me mad.
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Hi there joee86 I can sympathise but if you persevere it will all be worthwhile. I did Lipotrim first and then switched to Exante because of the cost and also the flavour of the shakes which are sooooo much better with Exante. I think if you can just get one 100% day under your belt it will spur you on. Good luck xx
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I find evening is my worst time UNLESS I am on a late shift and am at work because then I have no choice but to stick to it. So I think it is all about getting busy. If you have kids it is hard but if not try organising things for the evening- go to the pub with a friend (for some tempting sparkling water!) or go to the cinema, or anything to get you out the house.

A bath is another good way to distract yourself or (and I know it sounds sad) I find doing tapestry keeps my hands busy and I am less likely to eat so I have something to do.

I think once you are in the habit it is not so bad but the first few days are hard. Also I find being in company helps (get someone round if you live alone!) because then you can't cheat because someone is watching!

Good luck


One day at a time
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I have had LOADS of problems restarting vlcd in the past.

It's the easiest and hardest diet in the world, but you do need to find a motivation to get through those first few days.

Just think, in a few days time you wont feel hungry and feel amazing it will be worth it. Can you go have a bath at 7pm, distract yourself with a good dvd???

You can do it, just got to find your mojo :D


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Hi and welcome.

i took about 3 weeks to manage to restart, its really hard isn't it? But you will get there is you want it enough. What worked for me eventually was restarting again and again immediately after a blip - so if I had had 2 shakes then eaten, rather than thinking 'well I've blown it, I'll start again tomorrow' I had my 3rd shake and that was that. I think its just the VLCD way of avoiding the 'Lapse, Relapse, Collapse' issue.

Good luck!
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Restarting a VLCD is much harder than starting one for the first time!
I tried to start Exante after a couple of weeks break from Lipotrim and gave up nearly every day.
Eventually I decided my head wasn't in it and I stopped it altogether.
Then I got so many events to do in November/December and I just made the switch. I restarted without failing even once. 1,5 weeks in now and usually if I make it through 2 weeks, I'm set!

You need to decide for yourself if you're head is in the right place.
Minimins really helped me. The moment I decided to restart properly. I started posting on here again. And the encouragement of others and the distraction are so helpful!
Good luck and I hope you can stick with it
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I'm about two weeks in and have only managed a few 100% days. It's so dificult, but as soon as I got out of bed this morning I told myself I promise to be 100 % today. I'm going to keep telling myself I want this and I can do it. It's hard but we can do it! x

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