First Visit to my Counsellor!


I went to visit my counsellor today, she was lovely!! Talked me through alot of things and helped me understand the way things work a lot better (as I was thinking - no food?? how can I survive with no food!!?? :D )

As my BMI is over 40 :( I have to get my docs sig, I'm also on BP meds so might have to have my meds altered a tad. I'm really going to beg my doc if she has doubts, I'll make arrangements so she can moniter me or something if she is worried about it. I'm really really hoping she will sign the form! My counsellor told me she has had quite a few turned down by the docs because they've had terrible health probs. Well last time I had my BP taken it was back to normal so I'm hoping like anything she'll let me at least try CD!

Going back to see the counsellor again on Tuesday (as Docs appt on Mon) she did say if the doc refuses to sign that I can still go on the CD but some other plan (which I don't know too much about yet - but I'm sure she'll explain)

Just wanted to share!!! :eek:

Bye for now
Exciting time for you bloss :) Fingers crossed that your dr signs it for you.

They should do. My bp, cholesterol etc came down once I started Cambridge.

Best of luck
Hey Bloss.....hopefully your doctor will sign your case there is any resistance, did your CDC gove you any literature you could take along with you? If your doctor doesnt know a lot about VLCDs they could refuse to sign the form, but you will need to make sure your doc understands that you are serious about this and explain to them that you feel losing weight will help your other health problems as of luck hun!!
Bloss, really hope things go ok for you at the docs. Hopefully the doc will see the health benefits that you will get and will let you have a go. Fingers crossed for you !
Fingers crossed for you.

I am in the same position as you as well got to see my doctor next week.

I don't have any medical conditions other than raised BP which is due to my weight and I am not on any medication so I am hoping and praying they say yes.

My CDC gave me a form for them to sign and a booklet which they can read as well which has also the information and nutritional break down of the diet.

Fingers crossed as I want to start the diet on the 27th.
Ooooh good luck you two :D

this diet really will change your life - and you'll soon be living a 'ligher life' :D :D Know your going on cd but couldn't resist :p
Good luck with the GP appointments everything crossed for you both ! ;)