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First week hell- not good today

Well what a week, I started last wednesday, and I swear i have stuck to it to the letter but I feel like sh*t today!!!

I am so proud of myself, it was my daughter birthday this weekend, so my parents were here, so i have resisted the pub on friday, had 2 black coffees, then chip shop on the way home. Sat, I took my daughter to Aberdeen shopping and had a black coffee in KFC, then came home to birthday tea, cake and drinks, which I resisted. Then yesterday they had chinese which I again resisted. Really tough weekend.

I have that horrible taste in my mouth, so I reckon i'm in Ketosis and the scales so quite a lose, so where is this feeling of euphoria, I honestly feel terrible.

Not a good day today:cry:
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Could be nothing to do with the diet Stoney, you could just be having a "feeling off day", are you drinking all your water?

Well done so far though, you have did brilliant!


Silver Member
If you can get through a weekend like that without giving in to temptation, then thats brilliant, especially for something like your daughters birthday, that must have taken a LOT of will power!

Dont give up cos your having a bad day, you've done brilliantly resisting all those treats, and the sacrafices will be worth it when a new slimmer and happier you emerges!

Chin up!

hi, since starting CD i have not had one day where i feel ok, but i dont care as long as the scales keep moving!
its hard but it may get better,
well done for resisting all those things!
Thanks guys, I have no intention of giving up!!! Just wondered why I feel so drained. In all honestly it could be not enough water.

Anyway, I've now done 1/2 hour on the Wii fit and walked to school to get girls and back and I feel a little better.

May also be the fact that I got a starter pack from my CDC and some of the packs I'm not keen on, but you have to have them right! Be much better this week now I can choose my own packs.

Looknig forward to my weigh in tomorrow, think I've lost at least 7Lbs!
Its ashame you dont feel better, after the initial nausea has worn off I feel fab, although the heating is on 32 degrees and I am still wearing a hat and 4 layers and my fingers are so cold I can barely type. Worst thing is the spots, must be the toxins coming out with all that water. LOL


Optifast Girl!
You all sound like you are having all the symptoms that lead to ketosis and clearing your body of toxins. Bring on the good feelings. You guys are well on you way. Don't worry and stress over it. As long as you are 100% the diet will work 100% for you.
Keep up the good work. It only gets easier as you go along.

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