first week weighin, disappointed


taking it 1 day at a time
S: 12st5.8lb C: 12st5.8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)


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Shannon - I cannot believe you are upset with 11lbs!!! It is nearly a stone - IN A WEEK!!! I lost 8lbs in my first week and was delighted and I was on TFR - please see your loss for what it is and that is BRILLIANT!
B xx


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11lbs is a fantastic weight loss! Proves you can do it and in style!! Just look forward to next week now - onward and upward - it is incredible how quickly your weigh comes down as the weeks tick by. I'm on week 6 and even a man at work commented on the fact that I was looking slimmer!! God that was a boost I needed! Congratulate yourself on your achievement and smile!


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no offence but your 'colleages' sound like arseholes, choosing to lose weight is your choice not theirs, tell em to stuff it! what an unsupportive bunch of idiots, i'm huessing they're all sticks that have never had to worry about losing weight.

Well enough ranting, well done on your loss!!!!


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11lbs is an amazing loss!! PLease feel proud of yourself and let go of this negative comment. Your colleague is clearly an insensitive idiot and does not deserve to be taken seriously!!! Good on you for great loss- and don't forget its all about going in the right direction and every pound lost is to be celebrated.

All the best GG


Hello :D
11 lbs is fantastic especially as you had add a meal.......
I know with VLCD that the water makes the weight fall off and as long as you sip it thrugh out the day and dont drink over what they say but as much as you can the weight comes off quicker??

3 lbs and that 1st stone is gone for ever :happy096:

I think with all the stupid life uneducated remarks the 'people' you work with you have done amazingly you have stuck to it,when it gets tough just keep their stupid comments in your head and show them they know 0!

Id like to see one of them do just 3 days of this a VLCD plan and stay on it.

Heres to week two well dome once again xxx


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I find it best to keep it to myself, especially if the much needed support is not there.

It must be the exercise your doing which is speeding your loss up, as I lost 11lbs with no exercise and only 3-4 shakes a day and no meal so it is sad to read how you were disheartned.

Inevitably your losses are going to vary each week, but its best not to try and rush it and to hope for too much and then become dissapointed a loss is a loss, be it 1lb or 11lb, it all adds up to a slimmer and healthier individual. Well done, good luck, and keep going.

We can do it!!