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Fitbug ??

Yep I have one !! Superb little gadget, very accurate and the website is excellent.

Me too Deb - I'll show you mine on Saturday if you like - ooh err.

Been wearing it since last April and I think it's brilliant, if I do no other exercise, which is most of the time, I try and reach my step targets.

Tell you more when I see you
Its the only thing that gets me off my bum at 11.30 at night making sure i reach my steps target. recommend it if you want to ease your way into the exercise thing


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DO you have to have the monthly subscription service with one ??

I have seen someone selling them on ebay...but no mention of the subs !!

Deb x
The packs on Ebay I believe come with 12 months subscription, I bought mine direct from the company with the insurance and am on my 3rd one so worth it (I lost one and washed one!)


I've never used it myself but the concept is fantastic. It's an ace way to motivate yourself to get more active. I'm always either sat at my desk at home or leaping around at the gym so in fact I take very few steps per day, but if I wasn't active for a living I honestly do think it's something I would invest in.
counts steps everywhere except the water - i have heard of some people using it also whilst cycl,ing tho i have never tried that.

The pedometer itself is very accurate and can be bought also on ebay but does not have the connector slot to link to computer to enable you to upload results to fitbug centre, as far as I am aware you can only get those from fitbug themselves.
You do subscribe, I bought a year's subscription to keep me motivated and it worked out the cheapest that way.

You can also log your daily food intake and they'll tell you if you're on the right track and whether you'll lose, gain or maintain weight for the amount you're eating compared to walking.

It'll count most moving exercises, including cycling and they are about to update the website, next week, so you can input other forms of exercise that the bug can't count e.g. swimming.

Love my bug & wouldn't be without it, will definately be taking out another year's subscription this April.


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I made enquiries about fitbug about a year or so ago on a number of forums and I got so many replies from people telling me not to bother, so it's really good to see people on here are enjoying it. I love gadgets :D

I had been wondering about it again recently, so this is a timely thread. I was thinking about dropping WLR and using that...now I rarely use the diary on WLR any more.

I'm told the fitbug diary is pants :( but I'd love to think that now I know what to eat, it would fit my needs on the exercise ??

Oh another thing that I was concerned about..one reply was that as someone was completing all their challenges, they were getting tougher and tougher. She was enjoying it, but the last challenge (last time I spoke to her anyway) was to walk 20,000 steps each day:eek: She was thinking that her DH was going to divorce her as she was always out walking :D

Now...I'm all one for a challenge, but this did concern me. I know I could ignore it, but you know...that's what they tell me to do...I will feel I've failed if I don't.

Any thoughts on this fitbug fans?
Hi Karion

Always got a thought available (on any subject really) if you're asking ;)

Yes, your targets do increase but you do have the option to stop them increasing at any point in time, you can also decrease your targets if they're too high or for some reason you know you won't be able to achieve them and don't want to have a fail so to speak.

The food diary pages are cack at the moment and I no longer use them as they were just rubbish, but from Monday they're doing a complete revamp of the site, and we've promised a whole new nutrition area which should be much improved along with the opportunity to add non-Fitbug exercise.

So, if you can hang on till next week, I can tell you what the new nutrition pages will be like. i really hope they're good as it would suit me perfectly to have it all in one place. At the moment I enter my steps on Fitbug and go to Dietdailytracker or is it dailydiettracker - can never remember - for my daily calorie workings out.

HTH - if you want to know anymore, ask away & I'll update you next week regarding the nutrition pages.

Oh and one more thing, they do have a forum but it's nowhere near Minimins, and that's not just me being a big creep. Its very slow and not used by many people, but I always come here for my fix so thats ok. :)


Gone fishing
Thanks for that MD. I love WLR, but don't really using it that much any more. I need a new toy :D

I have paid WLR up to June (I think), so..maybe I'll give fitbug a go after that. Still intend going to the gym, especially for resistance (muscles...not mine;)), but could incorporate fitbug too:cool:

Would be interested to hear about the fitbug update when it happens:cool:
I'll keep you posted.

Hope you don't mind me & Karion taking over your thread Deb:p


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S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
Hope you don't mind me & Karion taking over your thread Deb
not at all. Its all good information :) , and will help me make an informed choice as to whether to go for one or not.

Like Karion I have thought about joining a weight loss forum (Weight watchers) but been there and done that in the past...whereas Fitbug is something new! and I LIKE new things. :D :D :D :D

I will wait to see what you think of new update next week MD see what your thoughts are of it then too.

So please take over the tread as much as you like, the more comments on Fitbug the better. Thats whats so nice about this forum, everyone is so helpful and its GREAT! :)

Deb x
I've been using Fitbug since October - seen them using it in The Diet Doctors on Channel 4. I can't/won't go anywhere without it now - almost feel naked if it isn't clipped to my waist. Definitely makes you more aware of how inactive/active you are - I cannot go to bed at night if I haven't met my targets, even have to march on the spot in front of tv some nights!:eek:
I also use it in the gym on the x-trainer and treadmill - I've even clipped it to my sock on the bikes!
Also looking forward to the new website update and hopefully the site will respond much faster too.
Hi lindylou

Do you use the (inferior LOL) forum on Fitbug - I may have been talking to you there and not known it!
Hi Madam Dotty!

Yes, I have posted there, also as Lindylou but I find the whole site, especially getting onto the Footfall Leagues, painfully slow, especially recently.
Being an AOL user I cannot enter the forums unless I use Internet Explorer , so I don't use the forum that often! Hopefully the new site will let me use everything with AOL as it really is a pain having to keep re-entering the site using Internet Explorer.:sigh:

Ooh I'll look out for you. I'm Dotty on the Fitbug form, only because I messed up when typing in my username and managed to leave off the Madam!

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