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Flabby arms - exercise help?

I'm beginning to think I need to do something about my massive arms. They're 14 inches at the widest point. :eek: In the 44lbs I've lost, very little of it seems to have come off my arms. They are looking terrible! They are also a bit flabby - they look like a 40-year-olds and I'm nowhere near forty.

I am thinking of getting a steady weight lifting routine going. I think three hours a week is an appropriate amount - focusing for 15 mins per hour on the triceps, biceps etc. Is there anything else I could do to help get them smaller. I know ultimately it's about fat loss (working on that,) but people can lose inches by weight training. Now that sleeveless season is here, I want to wear sleeveless tops, but I'm self-conscious of my lunch lady arms. :rolleyes:

Is there anything else (aside from weight training and losing weight) that I can do to give them a better appearance and "tone" them up? I don't want to end up "skinny fat" even once I've lost all my weight.
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Laugh in the face of food
Hiya, I seem to be having the same problem, I've always hated my arms and I hate them even more now. I have no idea what to do to make sure they tone up, so I'll keep popping in to see if someone has the answer. I really hope so, I know my arms will never be skinny, but just a bit more toned would be nice.


Gotta Make A Change
any weight exercises should tone them up :) just lift lift lift :)
hi guys, backstroke is supposed to be good for getting rid of bingo wings and also for firming up chest muscles, hence firmer boobs. will have to get down the pool, pronto!!! x


Laugh in the face of food
I'm going to have a go at that 100 push up thing, I've downloaded the app and everything.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Arms are tricky areas and tend to be one of the last things to go but there are things you can do. Push ups, french presses and fly presses are good for arms. There is also a new piece of equipment called the Shake weight which helps to banish bingo wings. I personally find working out with resistance bands provides the best results.
I would also focus on building some muscle in your entire torso as the "core" muscles support all the other muscles too and may help to give things a more balanced look. Aside from actual excercise, keeping your skin hydrated will help skin retain its elasticity as you lose weight which means no "skinny fat" look on your arms. I use superdrug's Vitamin E cream (which is like £1?) which helps skin keep its elasticity and stay toned (and I flavour it with coconut oil, just to make it smell nice) and make sure you get lots of vitamin D. As well as that, exfoliate your arms once or twice a week and my nan swears by rubbing olive oil into boobs and arms. She's 73 and just done a bunjee jump, so it must be working!

I hope this helps!!


will be size 10
Hi. My trainer has me doing seesaws, basically you hold a dumbell in each hand, raise them both in the air and literally just keeping lifting them up left right left right in a seesaw motion iykwim? My biggest problem is my upper arms and i have lost 2 inches so far from this area, i really feel this particular exercise is responsible.
I agree with the previous posters - the 100 pushups challenge is brilliant for your arms. I did it a couple of years ago, then re-did it again with pushups on my knuckles to help train for Karate.

I found that overhead presses and bench presses worked well for my arms. The triceps aren't directly targetted, but they do get a workout from those movements. If you keep on working out and also keep making progress with your diet, you should see results.


Laugh in the face of food
I'm going to keep going with it and hopefully things will start to firm up. I gave up karate a couple of years ago because my work schedule meant that I couldn't give karate as much attention as I wanted to, I really miss it, it was great to let off steam.
There's a few muscle excercises on the wii fit for arms that I think work really well, and you don't even need the wii fit. Just take a bottle of water, whatever size you think you can manage without straining yourself, and lift it above your head, arm straight, and then bend your arm backwards, keeping your elbow straight, about 10 times, increasing this when you start finding it easier.
I have actually noticed a difference, as long as you do it every day!
I have lost over 5 stone, I am 49 and my arms left a lot to be desired:( but with working out at the gym twice a week with a trainer, doing loads of work with dumbbells as well as the machines the difference is amazing:eek:

I have now bought myself some dumbbells for home 3kg and 4kg and this is a fab website to give you ideas of what to do with them!

It really does work..

Dumbbell Exercises Complete with Animated Diagrams

good luck!
Definately push ups, pull ups, swimming and also yoga really toned my arms. It may also just be that you'll start losing more fat off your arms once your body has used up some of your other stores first.

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