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Flapjacks.....sheesh there nasty!!!!


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well i went to bed last night with a cheeky grin on my face - couldnt wait for the morning and my first flapjack - i so wanted to chew!!!

we flipperty jibberts the coconut one is sooooooooo nasty!!! i have eaten two thirds of it [one bite of flapjack + a mouthful of water mixed in my mouth was the only way i could get it down] and i am contemplating chucking the rest of it :eek: i will probs keep it just in case i get peckish b4 lunch

I am so disappointed...why are they burnt? they just taste burnt!!! :confused:

i have one peanut flapjack left that i will try mid-week - but i aint holding out much hope for that one either.

Oh well .....i will stick to milkshakes only next week - funny thing is when i asked my chemist if i could have the flapjacks this week she said she only had 4 bars left cos everyone was getting them - bunch of weirdos if ya ask me :D

glad i only took 2 to try - what a god awful week i would have had if i had got enough for one a day :eek:

ahh ya live n learn eh :p
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ok i just tried the crumble hot water and flapjack trick - now that has to be the nastiest thing i have ever put in my mouth - discounting all the junk food that got me here int he first place :rolleyes:

but jesus - they could try to make em more palatable :sign0137:


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they are not nice are they it took me an hour and half to get through half of it i had to chuck the rest away! x


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jesus they are so nasty - and now i have to put up with it feckin repeating on me!!! :(


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i had 6 of em i had to take them back even my dog turned his nose up at them thats how nasty they are.
Julz toasts them dont know if that makes them any better x


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Isn't it mad that some people enjoy them. They have got to be the most foul disgusting thing ever. Yummy Yummy shakes huh .....


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the peanut ones r worse! the coconut one was an improvement on the peanut but still not eatible at all. yuk yuk yuk!
Oh my days, had my WI this morning so i didnt eat anything before going.. was eager to get sum flapjack.. So on my way out of th chemist, feeling pleased with my loss i opened one up, sat on the wall just by the chemist and had a bite.

OH MY GOD... i felt like i had just put a dead fish who hate eaten peanuts for his last meal just before being chargrilled!!

IT WAS NASTY. i didnt eat it..i couldnt eat it. DEATH BE TO THE DEVIL JACKS!
but the only great thing is that my chemist only gave me one.. and gave me an extra shake just in case i didnt like the demon jacks.. Good man he saved my life!


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i got 2 this week and i managed to have the first one which was disgusting and thought id have the second one this morning to get rid of it- but i just couldn't eat it- it made me feel sick! so i am one LT portion down this week and am off to portugal tomorrow so don't have time to get an extra one from the chemist :(


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Flapjacks are an acquired taste!!!! :D

When I first tried them, I had them with cold water and must admit I struggled to eat them.

Now I have them with hot water (I dont drink tea/coffee) and they are quite nice.

The peanut flapjacks are my favourite.
They are great for when you are travelling and its not convenient to make shakes. :)
i must say i find them ok the soup made me gag the coconut ones are better than the peanut ones i will be having some more this week.


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I have never tried these things and will not. As I am on Total food replacement I am concerned these would make me crave food.

Thought of ruining this amazing diet really scares me.

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