Flapjacks :(


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I havn't tried lipotrim but have seen loads of similar posts! Can you take the ones you havn't tried back? xxx


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Yes you can take the ones back at my pharmacist . i think it really depends on the pharmacist.


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I must be in the minority then, I really enjoy the flapjacks hehe o.o The chicken soup is nice too, but then again, considering I enjoy the flapjacks maybe you shouldn't listen to me =P hehe


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i mix half a coconut flap jack crushed with half a warm vannila shake makes a nice porridge.


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well im with you I really like them and they help with the water as they are a bit dry xx


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I'm gonna try the porridge I think - thank you Karen !!


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I didn't eat mine - I just really really couldn't, so my 2 yr old daughter found it. She asked if she could have the biscuit I said yes go on you can try it....the fact that she took a bite and was physically scraping her tongue says it all really! xx


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I tried one and it was AWFUL! Just the powder from a sachet compressed, it seemed to me....vile thing!

xx Cathy xx

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I'm not keen on the coconut as I can't taste any coconut and they taste like cardboard but I quite enjoy the peanut ones,.... Just finished one lol yum x


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I just tried one a couple of days ago and was heaving and couldn't finish it lol. Horrid things yuck yuck!


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hahah - I was laughing reading some of the posts about these things called Flapjacks!!! Where on earth did they get this word from cause they taste nothing like.

Twice I have tried them! The first time I was none the wiser as I hadnt tried them. Ah......two bites and that was it. To me they tasted like oxo or marmite, but the smell, it was the smell that got to me! Well, after being on LT for over 12 weeks last time, I though I would try again as my taste buds had changed! It took me half an hour to eat half of it, and again I just couldnt stomach it at all!

So, I aint even gonna try them again..no point! I just wish I did like them because they would be ideal just for something to chew! Ah well......

Hope you got on better with the chicken soup; which incidentally I like too!