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    Hiya, need some help, I read somewhere that its okay to eat Flatbreads if you are following an Atkins diet, I bought some flatbreads yesterday and ate 3, with philly and prawns, they were lovely :) But I'm not sure if I'm allowed them! There are 130 grams in total in the box, and it only gives me approx details for 100 grams - carbohydrate is 69.3grams which looks quite a lot to me. Am I buying the wrong flatbreads or are these okay. If it helps, there are 15 flatbreads in the box (130 grams) Any help would be appreciated :) Take care, Laura x
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  3. PinksW

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    Hi Laura

    Well to me that looks like there are about 8.6g of carbs in each of those flat breads. How you spend you daily carb allowance is of course down to you, but the general concensus is that you are better getting away from bread etc, and using your allowance for some green leafy veg...

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    I agree hun...I think you should ditch the flatbreads and have lots of Salad/veggies instead. If you are doing induction then the three flatbreads will take you over your carb allowance without eating anything else. Maybe have one a day (I know that is sooooooo tough when you like something). I'm cutting out the Atkins cereal bars. I definitely do not lose as much when I have them. I've got some in for emergencies....if I feel I'm going to give in, but am not going to have them daily anymore.
  5. laura33

    laura33 Member

    Thank you :) I'll definately cut them out :) Guess I'll just have to eat the rest of the philly and prawns on some cucumber instead :) That should do the trick! I don't want to eat anything that will get in the way of ketosis, so I'd rather steer clear :))) Laura xxx
  6. PinksW

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    There are recipes for bread substitutes. I use this one for sandwiches, its got a great texture and you can actually toast it, too.
    75g flaxmeal
    2 large eggs
    1 tbs olive oil
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt OR 2 tsp cocoa and a sachet of splenda

    Mix all ingredients together, pour into a greased bread tin or (better) a silicon mould, bake in a pre-heated oven for 16-18 minutes at 200 celcius. It's done when a toothpick comes out clean.

    It comes out at something like 596 cals, 29g protein, 52g fat and around 2g net carbs a loaf.

    Flaxmeal is actually linseed which you buy whole and grind yourself in a coffee grinder. It also helps with number twos if you're having problems!


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