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Hi Shona. Youre not allowed to swap or give away packs on here but have you tried adding stuff to them? A bit of curry powder in the tomato makes all the difference.
i hated the tomato soup as well, but with added tabasco and a sprinkle of black pepper and a lil bit of bouillon i can manage it. i have also made a point of having the ones i dont like (tomato soup, choc shake, strawberry shake) first, so that i am left with the nice ones. i only have 2 tomato to go!

and hunger really is the best spice.
Oh I didnt realise that we couldnt swap. I cant eat something i dont like, that would make this a v unpleasant diet. Il try adding things but i think ive already made my mind up and the damage has been done. Such a shame that I cant give someone my shakes as they will only go in the bin.I dont like the chocolate either, tastes really foisty.
I'm not entirely sure of the reasons its not allowed. Think there is a post somewhere on the site about it.

I'm not overly keen on the choc either. And for what its worth the first time I tried the tomato I poured it down the sink after one mouthful. Its now my favourite.
OmG i cant believe its your fave, wat a shame i cant give you mine. Honestly it makes me barf I really wont get used to it. I dont like the choc either, it tastes foisty to me. I love the mushroom, think the thai chicken and veg are fine and dont mind the strawberry but the others are rank. presumably we arnt allowed to swap email addresses either
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I hated the soups so I just have the shake only bunper pack now, might buy a few bars next time too.

I'm not keen on the choc shake either but have you tried making it hot and putting a sweetener in it, so it's a hot chocolate.
Or try it hot with a spoonful of coffee in.
Or I have mine cold with a spoonful of coffee in, makes the choc one taste lovely :D

Or I did read on here that someone had theirs mixed into a peppermint tea so it was a hot mint choc!

There are ways to make things taste better, you just have to try things until you find one that you like.
I hate the mushroom soup. The smell makes my stomach turn (sorry to anyone that likes it). I found the tomato soup tastes better if I add a bit of black pepper to it. I can manage with the veg soup on its own and I love the chicken one. I was never a fan of banana or strawberry shakes but I've learned to like them and I found the bars tasted better after a couple of tastes.
Il try the chocolate again with a sweetner, Ive had it warmed but without a sweetner and not with coffee or peppermint.Thanks for advice.
Funny how were all so different. I really really like the mushroom but I just know that the tomatoe is a no go with me, I found it unbearable and this diet is hard enough without eating things I dont like.
Are we allowed to share face book details or emails on here
Just a little note, thats not why I started the fb thread. I am just a fb addict! :D

I just tried chocolate shake, and its yuk, love everything else so far, just got to try the mushroom soup tomoz then I have done them all! Bumper packs still work out alot cheaper, even if you dont eat one flavour

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