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I am on my first day, and although it seems sad am really struggling already. the thing is its mainly because i just have not liked the soup i have had-i was nearly sick. It makes me really doubt whether i should carry on with this or not. I had the leek and potato soup-are there any ideas as to make them taste a bit better??? Also what flavours do you think are best???

Thanks so much

Sam x
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Hi Sam, I found the potato & leek horrid too, which I was surprised about as I love my own home made stuff. I find the soups taste better with a few chilli flakes in, and loads of black pepper. I would suggest trying as many flavours as you can in the first few days, to see what you like. Also, your tastes change after the first few days, so don't give up. I only ever get F of the F, strawb and toffee bars now! I found the soups quite strong, so usually split in 2 with approx 250 ml water in each half.


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Day 3 here and I am the same as you-think all the ones I've tried are awful. Didn't expect them to be delicious but thought they would be eidible lol

I am assure by these lovely people on here that it gets easier and you get use to it so I am trying my damned hardest to get through this first week.

I have split each packet into 2 and having 6 small meals that are more watery-finding that better than 3 think ones.

I think the best ones of a bad bunch I have tried are:

Mint Chocolate
Leek and Pot (sorry!)
Thanks that sounds really helpful. Yeah thats the reason i got the leek and potato as i usually love it! I was a bit confused about the stuff you could add so didn't want to risk it. Yeah i am hoping that i will find the some flavours that i really like!!! Its so bad i am only on my first day but i just want a chinese or something!!!

How do you do it??? I feel like i want to give up already.

Sam x


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You just need to keep your goals in your mind. Write down a list of what motivates you and look at it any time you waver. This diet is only for such a small time in your life.
Also this forum really helps too.
Have you tried the tetras, the chocolate one is yummy. I really only ever have these, the choc mint shakes or banana shakes. I was never a big fan of the soups.


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I tried most of the soup flavours in the first week but couldnt like them at all. I found them all very very salty & never hot enough. There was a point during that first week when it crossed my mind that if i have to have these soups there is no way i'll stick at this. Then i realised i didnt HAVE to have them & it was just a matter of finding the right combination of what i DID like.
So now i just have shakes, although every other day i make one shake into a muffin, which is yummy & very treat-like! Best for me are the choc & the Toffee & Walnut esp if you keep a little of the paste by to spread like "icing" on the top. Fruits of the Forest is nice as a muffin too.

Stick with it girls - it really does get easier x


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I want a chinese too mmmmmmmmmmmmh lol

Try to keep your self busy, busy, busy!!

I work full time so having this 3 day bank hol is going to be a nightmare is some respects and I'm sure my house is going to be spotless by the end of Monday lol
Thank you all so much!!! I am trying to be open minded but its nice to remember that i can always just have shakes-i completely forgot that to be honest!!! I am most nervous about going to work as i dont really want to tell anyone that i am doing CD but i guess its hard to hide.

Sam x


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I don't like any of the soups, they are horrid! I'm just sticking with both tetras at the mo, much easier!
yeah, sounds like a good idea. I guess the 1 st week is all about figuring out what you want. I think i was a bit naive in thinking that they would taste nice. i just want to find stuff that i like and then i will feel better. Its not so much the hunger that is bothering me as i can do things to occupy me. its the fact that im not even looking forward to dinner as i dont like the soups.


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Hi Sam, I add pepper,chilli flakes, curry powder or a chinese spice seasoning to all my soups and it makes them much better. i think you just have to try all the different flavours and find what suits you best. i usually have a muffin (with a little of the pack made up with hot water as a custard) for breakfast, a shake for lunch (today i put ice water vanilla pack and a teaspoon coffee in the blender and it was like a frappucino - Yummy) and then the soup for tea. I make it in a saucepan and serve it in a bowl then eat(!) it with a spoon!
Good luck with the rest of the week, I'm just coming to the end of week 1 and it does get better xx
Thanks that has really helped, i am confident this will get better as i need to do this for me and i think thats the biggest inspiration! I think the thing i am dreading most is going to work, mainly as i dont really want to tell anyone about being on CD. Any tips on how to make it look as 'normal' as possible???

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