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Flaxjacks anyone??

i'll have one with white coffee , no sugar .thanks xx


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Sounds lovely - but the golden syrup might be a killer in carbs! :)
I've never used it but could you not make your own version using Da Vinci syrup?


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Oooh that's an idea - actually you've just reminded me, I've got some frankenfood maple syrup in the cupboard, will try and experiment this afternoon! I'll report back.
I'm not much of a chef, but might be worth a go!

Are the syrups quite thick? They might need to be to sort of hold it all together!

Pretty sure the ready made ones will be too high carb wise, but just keeping my fingers crossed they are less then say 8g!
Maple syrup will be thicker, wont it!!!

Waiting to hear how you get on!!


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  • Oats
  • Freshly Ground Bronze Linseed
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Golden Syrup

-- The ones on the website are definitely not going to be okay. Even if they're less than 20g each, they contain real sugar, which will spike your insulin levels, which will stall most people. The carbs we have can't come from sugar. Flax and butter is all we can have in that list. Interesting to see what legal stuff people can come up with though. I'd skip the syrup, maybe use an egg to bind and use splenda? That way, no polyols.


Clean green leafy machine
As you all know, I'm no domestic goddess but have just tried the following -

- 100g golden linseed, ground
- 75g butter, melted (don't leave it too long in the microwave or it goes everywhere, as I've just discovered)
- 3-4 tblsp maple syrup
- good shake cinnamon and ginger

Mixed together and pushed flat into a small square plastic dish.

It's in the fridge now. No idea if it will hold together - but could be an answer to my 3pm sugar cravings :)

Luckily I'm OK with malitol - but as Rose suggests, splenda could be a good alternative.
Excellent! Can't wait for the results! A pic would be great if you can be bothered! :)


Clean green leafy machine
LOL if I can get my phone to work!
Can't wait!
I've just order Walden Farms Zero Carb Caramel Dip and Chocolate Dip from Amazon, so I'll be experamenting too!
Photos would be great!


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Forgot to take a pic sorry - the flapjack is like polenta cake in consistency, fudge coloured, quite bland and not as sweet as I thought - so it needs some work. But cut into 6 pieces, and I've had two, and the whole thing is just 0.7 carbs :)
Such a pity, would love to have seen some low carb porn! :D

Can't wait to hear about the results from your next attempt!


Clean green leafy machine
Sorry to deprive you Michael! :)

I was just saying on my diary thread that it could be a fab cheesecake base - will experiment a bit more and report back.

Reporting back hours later - fab cheesecake - I put it on the recipe thread :)
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