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Flexibility with Syns

Is there any scope for flexibility with Syns.

I have dinner and stay at my mums most Sundays - weve got into a habit of having a G&(slimline)T before dinner and splitting a bottle of wine (2 glasses each) in the evening, usually with a wee snack of crackers or something.

I worked out the Syn value of the G&T and wine & crackers is a total of 16 syns which should be ok but depending what 'day' Im having I may need to use 4 or 5 for potatoes etc which would take me to 20 ish

Would it do any harm if I had more than 15 on a Sunday but saved some to compensate. Im well under my 15 the past few days.
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Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
I use my syns in exactly that way, I save them up quite often. I've heard that SW are now saying not to do it (I may be wrong) but people have always done that at my group and they have still lost weight.
Hi Starlight,

No you shouldn't need to cut back on syns the next or previous days. You can do 'flexible syns' instead.
It means that you set yourself a limit of how many syns you are going to have that day, if it's going to be more than 15. You then stick to that - self-imposed - limit and don't go over.
It's best to work out what day you're going to need to be on, then work out how many syns you want to spend on potatoes and such. 1 medium roast potato is 6.5 syns on red but only 2.5 on green. Sounds like you do need those books to work it out exactly! ;) Enjoy the lunch.
Maartje :)
Sandy, i normally do flexi syns as i always go over normally./ so thats fine, they say if your nearer to target to stick to 10 syns a day but some days i have 15 and still loose.
It should be ok but you just need to be careful in estimating the syns when you go round to other peoples houses and you are not in control. 1 pub measure (25ml) of gin is 2.5 syns and a small glass of wine is 6 syns so you would already be at 14.5 syns before any crackers. I also find a lot of people pour much bigger measures at home than you'd get in a bar - I know my dad does!!!

Sorry to be a killjoy :wave_cry:

Could you possibly offer to drive and then only have 1 drink early on?

Good luck.
I stay over at my mums on a Sunday. But its proper measures. My mum makes a killer G&T but the secret of it is its proper measures not guessed so the syn value will be spot on :)

The crackers are wee snax ones which are 99% fat free and bite size so they work out at 6 syns for the portion I have so Im hoping itll only be 20 Syns

Im going to have an EE day so I dont need them for anything else


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I "bank" syns for the weekend, and when I "behave" I lose well. I know they don't encourage it, but it works well for most people. Flexible syns should only be used every Blue Moon. If you use them every week then it will damage your weightloss. Carry on as you are Hun. Why not post your losses in your signature then we can see how well you are doing?
It's early days for you, so I say experiment a little. You're clearly thinking it through and counting it carefully, so I can't see any reason why it won't work doing it your way. And if you don't have a loss you'll know why, because you're being so planned.

There are two schools of thought on the SW syns.

Old school: 105 syns per week to use any way you choose.
New school: 15 per day spread evenly throughout the week.

Some people stick with the old way, as it's more flexible but there is a tendency to syn binge, which can cause problems!

However, with your plan of just going slightly over, I think there's no harm at all in having reduced syns on other days to compensate.



Slow but sure....
I have been saving some syns for the weekend, because like Starlight I am an ex WW'er and we were allowed to save 4 points a day to use for treats, weekends, going out etc...I thought I could do the same with my syns too, so I shall not be saving any in future, I am learning something new each day about this SW diet.

So I think Starlight me and you have got to try and get the WW points and 'ways' out of our heads - but its so difficult when you have followed the WW plan for so long, but we will get there...


is getting better at it
i joined my meeting a couple of months ago and i was told i could count 105 syns a week and count down which i think is much better as some days i have very little syns and on a wednesday i have quite a few
So I think Starlight me and you have got to try and get the WW points and 'ways' out of our heads - but its so difficult when you have followed the WW plan for so long, but we will get there...
I do think I have! I havent mentally pointed anything at all, and Im only talking about going a couple of syns over one day this week so its not like when I was doing WW and saved for my treat night.

And from what everyone is saying going a few Syns over for a night out seems to be more than ok.

As it turns out Im going to do an EE day so my total Syns are actually going to only be:

2.5 for Gin
9 for wine
7 for crackers a total of 18.5 syns - barely over at all :bliss:

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