Flexible syns


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Hi everyone

i've jus read about flexible syns and the concept seems good. I've been kinda depriving myself and i don't often use my syns and if i do it's no more than 5. I think using my syns won't be such a bad idea, the weight loss may be slower but slow and steady wins the race and then i wont feel deprived

I was wondering if anyone had used a flexible syn day? If so how much did it affect your weight loss that week? Also how often do you use it?
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I found that after I'd been doing SW for a few weeks my weight loss seemed to stutter so I had 2 day a week where I was completely off the plan, ate whatever I wanted and then went straight back on to the plan. I used to have my off day about midway between weigh-ins and found that I always lost each week. It was as if my body had got used to what I was eating on the plan and the introduction of the other food and then the taking of it away again seemed to jolt back on track. I am not saying this would work for everyone but it certainly did for me.


I have every saturday off oopps i know its not good but it works for me knowing all week i can have what i want on a saturday it keeps me motivated and at the moment im still loosing ,i know if i stop loosing then ill have to rethink it !!!


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i normally eat whatever i fancy after weigh-in, but if i knew i was going out for a meal i'd be good until then and eat free foods all day with no healthy extras, so that when i went out i could eat what i liked for that one meal. have done this loads if times and still had good losses.


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I used a Flexi Syns day for my Christmas meal and I think it really helped me to get through the rest of the festive season on track. Didn't seem to affect my weight loss at all, but I guess it would depend on how high your Syn count is for the day? Not sure about that. My total for Christmas Day was 45 Syns. :D

I'll be having another one on my birthday at the end of March, wouldn't want to do it too frequently. :)


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Ooo thanx everyone for your responses. I'm meant to be meetin an old friend and i was thinking i can't go out and have nothing cos i knew i wouldn't be able to handle it and feel very deprived. So i think i'll do an EE day.

In answer to Harrie my understanding of flexible syns is that you don't have to save up your syns. On the particular day you jus decide what you are going to have and set a limit to your syns. Then enjoy your day. Here's the article http://www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline/journey/flexible_syns.asp


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khandi's right - you don't save up on sins, you just give yourself an extra amount for that day. for example, if you're going out for a meal you could allow yourself 50 sins for that day and make sure you stick within that allowance, then you carry on as normal the following day. SW say that it's not the one naughty meal in a week that does the harm, it's the snacks in betweem or thinking 'well i've eaten all the wrong things so far today i may as well carry on'.