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Fluid Retention or Weight gain?


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Im hoping someone can help!:eek::eek::eek:

I have just flown back from a lovely week in cyprus, I thought after doing so well losing 4 stone that I would let my hair down, relax and enjoy just one week of all inclusive meals and drinks and not worry so much about putting on a few pounds.

Whilst there I suffered from Prickly Heat and swelling of the arm and legs, not sure if the two are linked :confused:

Jumped on my scales as soon as we got through the door and I have gained over a stone in 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry::cry:

Is this humanly possible to have gained that much weight in one week???? or does fluid retention from swelling cause you to weigh more???

Has anyone else had this problem?

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firstly, omgosh that sounds awful!! i do hope your feeling better.. I'd say, stay on track and weigh yourself in one or two weeks time.. it is possible to gain a stone in a week.. shocking i know.. a lady from my slimming group gained 12 pounds in one week over xmas :O but i'd say its from water retention and general bloating/swelling!

a stone is alot and ims ure youd really feel it if it were true weight gain..



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Thanks FernXx I really hope it's just the fluid :-S my weigh in is tomorrow so little nervous, but I guess it's just a case of waiting to see what happens Xxxx
my fingers a crossed for you hunny! but i think no matter what happens tomo.. give yourself a extra week to get your body back on track and normal! xxxxxx


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Yep, just keep drinking fluids - don't make yourself dehydrated.

Even if the scales show a gain, once your body has settled itself down again, you'll have a gigantic loss!


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:eek: Hope you feel better soon chum. I think it would be fluid retention, let us know how you get on tomorrow fingers crossed!!


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I was in Houston last July for work for 2 1/2 weeks and suffered with the fluid retention, my legs swelled up so much that I couldn't see my knees or ankles, when I got back I took some herbal water tablets called Wateraid but when I went to WI I had still gained half a stone, and I had been back a week by then!! I did manage to shift it quite easily though as I carried on with the tablets for a month until it had all gone.

It had never happened to me before & I was miserable as sin, it is so uncomfortable & my legs actually hurt if I bent too far.

Hope you start feeling better soon & I hope no matter what that you enjoyed your holiday!


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defo fluid ! im like look when im away somewhere hot my feet are like elephants and my chest gets full of prickly heat. However the reason im convinced is last time my gp gave me some water tablets and lets just say that i spent most of the day on the loo !
i went from gaining a stone to losing 1lb it was all just water


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Woke up this morning and my legs were less puffy and had many visits to the loo, so jumped on the scales and I was 7lbs lighter!

Gunna try pop to the Dr's tomorrow to see if tablets would help.

Went to weigh in earlier on tonight, their scales showed I had gained 10lbs since last weigh in which made me feel loads better, still feel like theres more retained water but even if im stuck with 10lbs gained in weight then all I can think is thats no problem!
Ive lost it before and i'll do it again! :)



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I always gain weight when I go abroad on holiday, not only from the food and drink, but flying makes me bloat too. I can tell this because my ankles/legs puff up...very attractive!!
It usually goes down after a few days.
I also wanted to add that I gain weight very quickly if I over indulge but I think alot of it is water weight. For example, over Christmas I gained 12.5 lbs!!!! But the following week, after being totally back on plan, I lost 9lbs!! I really don't think its possible to gain 12.5 lbs of fat in such a short space of time....and I know you can't lose 9lbs of fat in a week, therefore, it must be water!!!
The best way to 'cure' water retention is to drink water!!! Sounds odd but the more you drink, the more your body will 'let go' of the water its hanging on to...no need for pills in my opinion.


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Hi Anna,

That must've been quite a shock for you, but I agree with paperclip-over time it will balance out & Im sure you havn't really gained that much.

I weighed in last night with a 2lb gain & I was ill over the weekend & my consultant said its due to water retention from having a high temp so yes fluid retention can cause a gain.

Its scary how much you can gain in a short time but glad you had a good holiday & hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will all balance out for you.


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Great news! weigh in tonight showed that I had lost 7lbs out of the ten that I put on so im guessing that 7lbs is fluid and the last 3lbs is weight gain, which im really chuffed about! :-D

Thanks for all your help :-D

O/T but wondering whereabouts in Cyprus you went? I'm hoping to go for the first time in September and not sure what are the best resorts?

PS - glad most of that nasty poundage turned out to be H2O!!


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We stayed in stayed Paphos, its nice and very beautiful but we found there wasn't much to do locally, we think if we were to go again, we would visit the northern part which is closer to Ayia Napa, would probably be a bit busier, Paphos is very laid back.


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