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Hi Guys,

I'm starting this thread for my piece of mind more than anything else :feedtroll:....

I've been on/off TFR since Nov 2008 and if I had stuck to the diets (LT and CD) 100% I would have been at goal in March. But I came off LT for xmas then couldnt get back on the "wagon" so moved to CD in March. :happy036:

I've only lost 8lbs on CD so far and I've just had a "week off" the diet...

So I started back today and my 1st WI with my new CDC is on Thursday - so I wont find out how much damage my week off has done until then...

I'm planning on being 100% for 9 weeks - hoping I will be at goal by then (in time for my holiday)...

I've started this thread so I can post daily how I'm getting on and use this as an incentive not to pick/cheat - So here goes......:cross::cross:

14/04/09 - I'm working nights tonight so I've only just had my second shake - I will have my last shake at midnight... Doing well on the water intake - will keep drinking thoughout the night until I finish work at 6am.
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Thanks cooky!

15/04/09 - I've slipped up aleady! I've come to work for a 12 hour night shift and forgot my shakes!! I'm gonna keep drinking the water and see how I get on..
But might have some chicken if I start to struggle.
Big WI tomorrow - so it will be like my 1st WI all over again cos I'm seeing a new CDC :fingerscrossed: it wont be 2 painfull lol
17/04/09 - I've not had access to a PC for days - So I had my WI with my new CDC yesterday (she was gr8) and I'm 11st 2lbs.. So I've put 3lbs on since my last WI with old CDC on 31/03/09 (so not 2 bad).. Its my Dad's 50th Birthday today and there is a suprise party planned - I'm driving so no temptation to have a sneaky drink!
20/04/09 - Ok I have a confession to make.. I ended up having a drink at my Dad's party. I'm not going to beat my self up about it cos it was a special occasion...

Back on it 100% now - hope I still have a loss this week. (Just going to take longer to get in to ketosis :cry:).
21/04/09 - I had a really good day yesterday I was 100% and drank lots and lots of water... So I'm feeling v motivated today... Still not in ketosis yet - but feeling ok...
22/04/09 - Still doing 100% but am still hungry.. I've split my packs today so I feel like I'm having more.. Also I'm sooooo cold - cant warm up.. I'm working nights tonight and it gets colder in work as the night goes on :(
23/04/09 - I'm finially in ketosis today! Still 100% - but cos I had a bad weekend dont think my loss will be gr8 this week
I put extra water and crushed ice in my choc tetra today and i was lovely:D !! Think I'll have another one tonight.. I've also put a choc tetra in the freezer - going to try the "icecream" tomorrow.
My WI is at 6.30 tomorrow - I'll let u know how I get on :cross:
So had my 1st WI with new CDC and lost 4lbs - very happy!!
Still 100% - Only 1stone 12lbs until goal now!!
25/04/09 - Feeling a bit under the weather today - didnt get much sleep last night so I've got a bit of a bad head today.. I've just had a hot choc (out of my tetra) and taken some tablets - hopefully will feel better soon.. Is still going 100% :) :) :)
Going to have a bath now and have a relaxing day...
26/04/09 - Had a bit of a rubbish night - was really hungry and felt v down in the dumps... Feeling much better 2day - so here goes another 100% day :)
27/04/09 - Still going 100% - haven't done very well on the water today, dont think I'll manage the full amount today.. Make up 4 it tomorrow..
28/04/09 - I'm in work today (12 hour day shift) so should do well on my water intake.. Still going 100% - very pleased with my self so far!!
29/04/09 - Had a good day yesterday BUT had a "cheeky weigh" at home lastnight and I've only lost 1lbs since Friday :( hope it goes down a bit more by my WI this Friday. I'm working days again today - so should do really well on the water..

Foo Fan

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04/05/09 - Not post for a couple of days - been busy.. But had a good weekend. Still going 100% - even made my other half a full english breaky this morning and wasnt tempted at all.. I have found it hard 2 drink all the water the weekend cos I've been out and about - but I'll make up for that 2day..

Foo Fan

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05/05/09 - My last day off 2day so going to chill and do nothing. I've now started splitting my choc tetra's so I'm having 4 hot chocs and 2 choc shakes a day - finding this much better cos the hot chocs warm me up... My WI is a day early this week - hoping to lose 3lbs so I'll be 10st 7lb - but I'll be happy with any loss!

Foo Fan

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06/05/09 - I'm working a 12 hour day shift today so I'll do much better on the water intake 2day. Had a rough night last night - was really hungry and grumpy - so I went to bed at 9pm. Bless my other half he was v supportive and didnt complain that I was a moody cow lol. So here we go...another 100% day...

Foo Fan

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07/05/09 - Ok so I've got my WI tonight at 7pm, I weighed on my own scales this morning and I was 10st 8lbs = 2lbs loss (I weighed because I'm worried that the water etc I drink 2day will effect my WI tonight)..
I'm going to chat to my CDC tonight about doing SS+ for a week and see how I get on - I fully intend to go back on SS but I've just had a rough couple of days.
Let you know how I get on at my WI tonight.

Foo Fan

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Thanks Emma - your losses are fab! How long have u been doing CD?

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