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ProPoints Food Diary-1 stone to lose


I am Josie and I started dieting 29 December with Slimming World. I went from 11 stone 1 to 10 stone 3 by the beginning of March (12 pound loss!!)
I began to wobble a bit, I think mainly because I wanted certain things that sw did not allow.
So I joined my local ww and start today (22 March) with a slight weight gain at 10 stone 6.5.
I find a diary keeps me on track and if anyone reads and sees I am doing something wrong or has any tips, please let me know as I am trying to get myself out of the sw mindset!


2 x ham and tom sarnies (using ww bread, low spread) 9 pp
2 plums
velvet crunch crisps 2 pp
small mocha 4 pp
Young's salmon crumble and mixed veg 10 pp
Mulleright with raspberries 2 pp
1 chocolate hobnob 2 pp

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Thanks, yes we definitely can...just think of the summer body lol


2 ham and tom sarnies 9 pp
3 x velvet crunch crisps 7 pp
Caramel rice krispie square 4 pp
Tesco light choices lasagne 9pp
Milk 1pp
1 choc hobnob 2pp
mullerlight 2pp

32/32 (includes 3 activity points)
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Ham sandwich 5pp
2 mochas 8pp
Milk for coffee 2pp
Velvet crunch crisps 2pp
2 skinny cow brownie lollies 5pp
levi roots curry sauce with diced chicken thigh and rice 20pp
4 chocolate hobnobs 10pp

hi, i have been doing the propoints since middle of January and find it great, I love fruit so I tend to snack on it.:D Yes your diary seem to be fine. Keep up good work ;) Let us know when your weigh in is.
Hi weigh in is every Monday night!! You are doing so well with your weight loss. I am finding ww easy so far and like that I have some extra points to use this weekend :)

Friday (so far...)

2 slices ww bread and 2 large eggs 8pp
velvet crunch crisps 2pp
Sliced chicken sarnie 5pp
Mocha 4pp
Chinese style pork curry and rice 15pp
Double whisky and diet coke 4pp
Chocolate 13pp
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Hi Josie!

Glad you are enjoying WW so far! It's nice to have a change and eat things like ready meals after all the cooking that's involved with SW!

Hope you enjoy your weekend (I'm really hoping that the weather continues!) xx
Hi Becky, I just looked at your new diary, is discover the original ww plan? PP is suiting me due to the flexibility but I find meat is much higher in points that I expected so the things I used to enjoy on sw to eat freely are now a lot more restricted which I am finding it hard to get my head around!!
I gained a bit of weight too, 3.5 pounds and am hoping to have shifted that by wi but we shall see.

Saturday (so far)

2 ww sliced bread with 1 lg egg and 2 rashers streaky bacon 8pp
Hi Josie

I had such great losses with discover, I lost over a stone in 8 weeks but I looked back over my Slimming World stats and I'd lost like 2lbs since November (that's with losing and then regaining, yo-yoing a bit!!) It made me think that maybe, for me, Slimming World is good for maintenence and I should do discover to try to lose this last stone. Of course, as with any diet, it only works if you do it 100% and so that's what I'm aiming to do! At least I know if I've been 100% on discover as I know how many points I've had, whereas at Slimming World it was a bit like 'I think I've done OK' if you know what I mean...

But I do find Discover quite restrictive so couldn't do it for life, that's what I want Slimming World for!!

Basically on Discover I have 18 points, the least you can have in a day is 14 if you want to save points for the weekend. Low calorie veg is 0 points but fruit has points (an apple is 0.5 and a banana 1.5 etc)

I think Weight Watchers is all about planning your points wisely, it's tempting to spend your points on junk but they don't make you as full as proper food. I tend to have loads of apples, loads of sarnies using the Danish bread, things like soups are filling and low point. And I uaually have loads of veg (no potatoes) with loads of gravy (Bisto Best is 0.5 for quite a bit) and then I have something with it like lean meat, or if I'm in a hurry a couple of fish fingers or a couple or nuggets for 2 points.

For tea I'm cooking a tuna curry which is only 1.5 points a serving for the tuna and sweetcorn, I was going to have it with rice and salad but the rice is 3.5 points for a small portion so I decided to have it wrapped inside Cos lettuce leaves (a bit like a tortilla lol!) and that way I can spend the 3.5 syns on something else later.

I guess you have to be very savvy with your points on Weight Watchers.

Sorry for going on lol! I'd say keep on doing it and see what happens Monday night, weight fluctuates a lot from day to day and you're also weighing yourself on different scales so don't worry! xx
Not been on for a while as I have been off work with a chest infection so have not followed the plan at all.

But I have weighed myself and am now 10 stone 4.5 so 2 pounds loss which I think is down to the illness as I have not followed the plan this week.

I have found ww difficult because I am still in the sw mindset and can't get out of it. Foods that were free on sw are high in pp on ww. I thought I might find it easier because of the extra weekly budget points but unfortunately not!! I just spend points unwisely and am not eating healthily like I was on sw.

So I am ending this diary here as ww just isn't for me!! Good luck all others who are following the plan.

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