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Food Diary From Day One (comments appreciated)

Day 1. EE

B - 2 Weetabix (HEa) with Milk (part of HEb) with 1 suagr (1 syn) and 1 large orange

L - Pasta, chopped tomatoes, spring onion, green pepper and cucumber with 1 extra light mayo (0.5 syn)

T - jacket potato, 1/4 tsp of oil (0.5 syn), light marge (1 syn) with tuna, sweetcorn and spring onion in 2 extra light mayo (1 syn)

drinks - squash, 1 tea with milk (part of HEb) and 2 sugar (2 syns)

total - 6 Syns

i was going to have a choc biscuit (4 syns) to make my syns up a bit, but my daughter ate the last one :cry:

does this sound like im on the right tracks??
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Looking good I think, I don't know much about EE but lots of people do it so will be able to offer more advice. Good luck x
Day 2. EE

B - 2 weetabix (HEa) milk (HEb) 1 suagr (1syn) and an apple

L - a pasta n sauce and an apple

T - chips, cod and mushy peas, followed by mullerlight cherry n choc (2 syns)

extra - 1 slice bread (4 syns) with 1 tbsp peanut butter (4.5 syns) which was simply to get more syns for the day!

drinks - squash

total - 11.5 syns
yeah it is meant to be lol but i read on SW about it and someone had asked about that and they had replied and said once in a while its ok lol so i thought ild give it a go :p although it was really tasty, my daughter didnt like it so i doubt i will have it very often now :(
as i dont think ill be eating anything else tonight ill do my diary now :)

Day 3. EE

B - mullerlight, vanilla n choc and an apple

L - jacket pot with beans, three bean side salad (1syn), kiwi

T - 3 egg omelette with spring onion, mushroom, ham and double cheese (1 HEa + 6 syns) with broccoli, cauliflower, peas and carrots

drinks - diet coke, squash and water

total - 7 syns

I hope u are well.

Just having a look through ... I started SW two weeks ago i am on day 15 have been doing extra easy all along and I have lost 8lbs, not bragging honest ;) but I found the extra easy 7 days to success menus helpful for inspitration, think thats where u got the the fish and chips with mushy peas idea from...

Good luck ! xxxx:D
well done :) im really looking forward to my monday WI, just hoping it shows a difference (and not a gain lol)
yup, you got it! got some great ideas in that little book! cant wait to go for a big shop so i can start making different things :)
Good luck for monday if your anything like me you will wonder how you can eat and lose weight.
I do bulk up my plates with lots veg , even my omlettes are full of stir veg , I have whole plates of roasted veg for evening meals a little gravy one thing I am not doing is using syns on things on milk, bread, sugar, and I have not had butter either since I started, my syns only go on whole treats ie kit kats , or wine very naughty mind :).
well today i was bad, well i didnt go over syns, but we had an indian which i regret!

b - mullerlight, banana and kiwi

l - i was at my sisters and she had nothing but syn food :( had 2 chocs (6syns!!)

t - lamb rogan josh (6.5 syns) with boiled rice

drinks - squash

total - 12.5 syns
failed to get either eithr HEs in and only a few super free!

will def make up for it tomoz!! :( :( :(
B - weetabix (HEb) and semi skimmed milk (HEa) with sweetener, banana

snack - banana and apple

L - ham pasta salad (pasta, ham, green pepper, spring onion, cucumber, tomatoes, mayo) 1syn

T - burger and chips, (beef, red onion, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, potatoes, small white roll, tomato sauce) 5.5 syns for roll, 0.5 syn sauce. mullerlight

drinks - diet coke, squash

total - 7 syns :D
Day 6. EE

B - 2 weetabix (HEb) and Milk (part of HEa) with sweetner

L - pasta n sauce, using water, milk (rest of HEa) and 1 tsp of marge (1 syn)

T - Vegetable Curry, made with fat free yogurt, passata, spices, garlic, lemon, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrot, spinach, onion. served with rice. mullerlight

Drinks - squash, fanta zero, diet cherry coke.

Total - 1 syn
Day 7. EE

B - 2 weetabix (HEb) with milk (HEa) sweetner

L - jacket potato with baked beans and bacon with side salad (some type of green leaf, lettuce, toms, carrot,peppers) and a muller light

T - boneless pork chop, with fat cut off with potato, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, sweetcorn, mushroom and onion in an egg and milk mix (rest of HEa) followed by a dairy milk bar (13.5 syns, although when i brought it i thought it was 8.5 syns! wishful thinking i guess!)

drinks - squash, diet coke.

total - 13.5 syns

First WI - 4lbs off :D
Day 8. EE

B - 2 weetabix (HEb) with milk (HEa) sweetner

L - Savory rice (2.5 syns) with chopped up apple

T - burger (mince and onion) on roll (5.5syns) with lettuce and tomato and tomato sauce (0.5 syn) with pasta salad (pasta, spring onion, cucumber, tomato, pepper) EL mayo (1syn)
2 mullerlights

drinks - diet coke

total - 9.5 syns