Food Doctor


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Not sure if this is the right place for this....but how and ever!!

Anyway, after seeing the Food Doctor banner across the site I realised that I had the 'Everyday Diet' book (along with a lot of other diet books I hasten to add!)

Anyway, was reading thru it last night, and was wondering if anyone has followed the plan and how they found it....
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To celebrate my losses!
I have ordered his books off amazon last night and was wondering the same. I like the principles of his diet and I am thinking of using it as my maintenance plan when I am back to food properly next time.

I will watch this thread with interest.


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Me To have you watched his program on Discovery Health the A list diet


To celebrate my losses!
No!! I bought three of them for about £7ish each.


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I tried it and am sorry to say, found it didn't suit me. However, I DO tend to stick to his 'no starchy carbs at dinner time' rule, cos it makes me less bloated. I think I just found a lot of his recipes quite yukky! Which i was really disappointed about, cos i bought it when i was SS and used to read it all the time and fantasise!