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Food I miss (don't read if you're hungry)

My friend just said I shouldn't be thikning like this but I don't care :p

I really miss proper porridge and fruit, oh and cheese sandwiches. It's only 36 days when I can eat them again and I'll be able to eat them in my size 10 jeans and not by pouring myself into my size 12s. And baked apple and sultanas with yoghurt like my nana makes it. I'd like a muffin too. Is it any wonder I am overweight?

I feel better now. :D
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Ha ha! every time on CD i'm like "I miss apples/beans/salad/veggies"

but the minute I come off its never those I go for. Its the pizza and chips

Seriously though, You're not doing yourself any favours thinking what you can't have. Focus on what you will have size/weight wise in 36 wee days.
I'm just saying I miss these foods if you see what I mean. I do good when I'm on the plan so not in any danger of eating them. I will go up the steps this time so it's not actually that many days till I can eat all that food but it'll be closer. I know I'll be happier not carrying all this extra lard around with me.

ps. you can have the pizza if I can have the garlic bread.
Now you are making my mouth water - literally! lasagne with garlic bread is my fave, of course there's always a good korma...thick butter on fresh bread.....melted goats cheese with caramelised onion marmalade....oh no...I can't stop now..
Yes, keeping it off is the problem. I lost well in the summer - stayed on it for 6 weeks without a single mouthful of food /alcohol - it felt easy once I got going.

Back to normal eating slowly escalated into too large portions, too much wine, chocolate etc etc. Need to find a better way to cope when I come off this- perhaps I should have looked for a bit more support at that stage.

Anyway, happy to be back on it again.


I lapsed on plan, looking back at blogs etc it was stress with uni and time constraints and poor planning. And I never quite managed to get back on


hoping for a good loss
lol @ all the foody thoughts. All I can say is yum, yum,yum
im not missing anything tbh


Size 14 here i come!
OOoo where do i begin? lol
I miss a hot curry, lovely chip shop chips, a glass of white wine, buttered hot bagels for breakfast, my mums sundays roast with yorkshire puddings............. Mmmmm
Ok i'll stop now but you did ask!:D


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Bread.... thick chunky covered in butter bread.

One day, we may meet again.


running strictly on fat!
I miss my skinny ass LOL

And if I think about all these greasy and unhealthy food eaten by me throughout my binge days I am rather surprised I wasn't double the size at the very beginning.

Sorry to spoil your threat girlies xxx


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Just not as often as made you the size you were
Yep to right. I have already decided bread is not something I will buy in for the house (I live alone so its difficult when you buy a loaf as you feel you have to eat loads to make it worthwhile), but I can't wait to have it in restaurants etc.


Size 14 here i come!
That's the thing we can miss it, doesn't mean we are going to stuff our faces with it when we finish dieting. I am def going to learn this time from going back to overeating last time i lost weight.
It will just be a treat from now on, good idea not to have bread in the house, there will be alot of stuff that won't be coming back into my house!!
Bread will be on my food plan, I'm sure of that. I like carbs and I know they give me energy to exercise, and I really like exercise.

I went swimming this morning (only a slow 15 minutes) and was head hungry this afternoon so I had two shakes at lunch time. I know in ketosis we can't feel physical hunger but having the shake helped.

I think it's that binge mentality I still have though. I have to get rid of it somehow. I picked up my next month's supply of packs from my consultant today and now have 17 packs of chocolate shake. I wouldn't eat 17 at once but bet I could eat quite a few if I wanted to, which I don't.

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