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food is on my mind all the time!

Thelast few days I cannot get rid of my thoughts that is only about food.... I am trying so hard to resist it! :mad:And with my 7 year old it's difficult to rid the cupboards off all the bad stuff.. he enjoys his crisps and cakes once in a while BUT their existence in the house is bothering me!!!:eek: He comes to me asking if I can make pancakes and bake him cake!:eek: poor thing... I can't deprive my baby...And now I am at work and still the thought of food is clouding my brains! HELP ME!!:tear_drop:
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I think the thought of food will always be there, it's how you cope with it that matters, I have 4 and 2 yr old kids and I decided when I started the diet I would not deprive them of their snacks just becoz I don't want to see them in the hse, the first week was mad!! but I have overcome the temptations, I used to blame them for eating all the time and I had to go shopping twice a week as the cupboards were empty, I didn't realise that I was the culprit!!! I still have cakes, crisps, biscuits from 3 wks ago shopping!!! , for some reason, they are not snacking as much, I suppose I used to set the example... n'way, sorry for going on, with time esp when you reach the "zone" you will find that you think about food less and less. Well done on your weight loss so far.


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I'm the same. On every diet I am always waiting for the next meal, or craving some kind of food. (My son is sat here eating cheese strings and rolls with chicken....)
I find CD helps because I'm craving the next one of them still, rather than actual food. Although I look forward to my little meal in the evening as well.

I think the hunger is getting to me today as I'm rambling, but I do understand.
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Food is always on my mind knowing whats in my cupboards,but i just think how much i wanna be slim so i dont have :)


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This is my worry when I start the diet as there is all sorts of food in my cupboards that I love. I dont want to deprive my hubby of the things he loves though so will have to try to accept that the food will be there and I cant have it ;)
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I am the same i cant stop buying oh thing over wise he wont be happy,doesnt want me doing cd anyway!
There's advertising EVERYWHERE.. whether it's in your house or in the shops it's in easy reach, its a personal choice your gonna have to make all the time, looking at an advert, walking past a McDonalds...

I've suddenly become far more aware of food advertising and availability now I can't have it.. I also crave things like apples, which I would never touch a few days ago, when I could.

Willpowers the thing you need, that's what we're for right?

I think people don't accept the diet because it illiminates food and that creates worries in our loved ones.. but when they see the times your feeling healthier and more energetic and then getting back to a normal diet slowly.. they'll see it was worth it.. sniff some food ;)
Thank you friends for your encouraging words and also I am feeling more "human" to know most of you feel the same way but are doing a good job not letting in to the cravings. The weekends are always bad because of friends and families always being around... My weekend wasn't good and I tried very hard to stick to the diet but it was very difficult. I am being very careful today. Life is a struggle but the struggles are worthwhile if we achieve somthing from it:)
You are only human petal. The food devil enjoys playing games with us. Be strong and maybe write down the reasons why you are on this diet to help you not stray. You can do it . Stick to the diet once and for all and you will never have to walk this journey again.Nothing taste better than the feeling of being slim does.

Hugs and more hugs

This last post is very very sensible and a good way of putting the demons to rest. Write down every time you feel the need to stray or every time you think "naughty" thought about food. It does help you to analyse why and what your mind tries to do to you to sabotage what you're trying to achieve. For the short time you will be undertaking Cambridge, it is worth all the effort and, to be able to give yourself a pat on the back each time you succeed in not giving in to temptation must be motivational.
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I feel the same hun! My fiance is cooking chips at the moment and the smell is wafting through to where I'm sitting...its making my tummy go! So, am taking myself off to the bedroom away from the smell as I can't bear it! No danger of cheating as he is here to monitor me (lol!) but its making my body think food is coming when its not and its too much! :( xx
you know freinds last night I hug a dress in the closet that I wore when I was in college - a size 10!! I stood and stared at that dress saying to myself I will get into that within few months. It made me feel like I have a huge gift at the end of this road. You are all right - nothing can feel better when you are slim again after years of being called FAT! Love and hugs to all of you! Let's do this!:)
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i had a bad weekend, we went to a family friends house and she had a garzillion bottles of champagne... from moet to taittinger, so i had to have a glass, and then she cooked a roast lamb... so i had 2 mouthfulls of that.... and now there are chocolates here and i want one!!!!
Beat the urge! You are the only one who can do it. Treat yourself to anything else other than food. Go for a walk, a swim or even for a pedicure! You have had all the chocolates you needed all your life and we are in this diet together so we can stop doing that :)u can have that chocolate without the guilt and also enjoy it when you have reached your goal dear:) And don't worry about what's happened... Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift and that's why it's called present! So enjoy today and take each hour at a time. Best of luck!

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