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for all the ladies who might know (and any men who might know too LOL)


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Periods... can they affect your weight loss (as in the week before your due you dont loose or dont loose much or put on??)

Ovulation... does this affect at all as well?
(as in if you dont ovulate one month will it make your weight change???)

Many thanks to anyone who can answer my questions......
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Menstruation cycles affect things such as water retention, and I usually find I don't lose quite so much weight during the time of the month as I do the other three weeks - sometimes I don't even lose weight at all that week.

Periods also tend to mess with my appetite. The day before I'm due I'll have the strongest damn hunger, then on the day I don't want to eat at all.

As for ovulation, I don't know that one.
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Yes they do tend to mess up with weight loss. It sucks. As crazybrit quite rightly said it's cos of water retention.
Some people it can be quite extreme amount of weight, like 6lb or something.

Don't know about the ovulation sorry.


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Yes, i always weigh more when im on my period :(
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Since I had my baby in December, I haven't had a period yet. Would that affect weight loss/gain?


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i always wondered this! I dont have periods due to my contraceptives. Not had one for ages! But i was wondering if my body retains water etc even if i dont release an egg?

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the week upto my monthly , i feel bloated and find loosing weight slow and fustrating , as soon as i start having my monthly i loose the bloated feeling and all in all i end my monthly approx 4lbs lighter then i had been anyway.. so it sounds strange but i love when my monthly pops up lol. x
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
kae i think it possibly will do as thats the way we are made..you may not have them due to medication or watever but i think your body will work in natural ways. x
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i don't have them due to the coil but once a month i still find myself craving crap food, felling bloated and even get slight tummy pains, i try to avoid weighing anytime around this time.

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It definately affects me,I usually weigh myself anyway when its totm because I feel so bloated and get a muffin top! And 9 times out of 10 I put on around 6lbs!


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Same here. I always weight more around my period

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