? for CDC re 1000 plan.


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To be honest I really think skimmed milk would be best, but know what you mean about not liking it to begin with - the fresh variety is a bit watery and tasteless. A good tip I was given years ago was to use the longlife variety - much creamier tasting and must admit I now prefer it to any other type.

I'm not a plain milk fan anyway so how about using it to make milky coffee or for pouring over cereal - honestly it's really nice :)


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Hi Demon

I like skimmed myself (I'm not a milky person and take drinks black anyway).

Mizzy thinks trying the long life is a good idea and will give it a try.

Thanks for answering.

Dizzy x.


Have you tried the purple lid milk, it's same fat as skimmed, but tastes like semi, Tesco and Morrisons sell it I'm sure Asda and Sainsburys do too.