"For God's Sake"!!!!!!!!!!


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Well what can I say on day 12 and now have Cystitis!!!!! Just as well I have been drowning my-self in water!! I posted a reply thread a couple of days ago and said to stop thinking about food take your other half to bed!!!! I can't even do that now:break_diet:SO no eating, no bedroom antics oh my god somebody give me some words of encouragement. I am off to the doctor this afternoon who will probably give me antibiotics, does anyone know if these affect your weight loss because that will finish me off if they do :wave_cry: xxx
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Sorry to hear you're not feeling great...poor you, cystitis sucks i know how you feel!! i don't think antibiotics would affect your losses, just keep going hun, you'll be fine, hope it goes away soon!
Hi hun, sorry to hear that you are suffering. Antibiotics will not effect your weight loss, but some peole can retain a little water when taking them... but don't stop drinking!!!! keep going with the same amount or a little more water. you may find you don't lose as much on your next weigh in but it will rectifie when you come off of them, and it's only water not fat, so don't worry. It may not effect you at all though. Only reason i know this is because of my profession.
hope it all goes ok for you x

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poor you! keep up the water drinking, it will help clear you 'tubes' and even if you do gain weight from antibiotics you need to get yourself well and then you can focus on weight loss.