For the 1st time since I can remember...


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I am excited about getting ready to go out.

I have found a miracle dress that is a size 18 that makes you look like a size 10 (well not quite, but it look great on me!)

Its the 1st time I have EVER worn a 'posh frock'. Its my friends 30th and it will be the 1st time I have seen a lot of my old friends and their familes in a while.

SO, I will no doubt be overdressed....but looking fabulous. lolol

(sorry for posting this, but i am a tad excited!)
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I will do this!
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sounds fabulous Mel, have a wonderful time and post pics!


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Sounds fab hun, have a wonderful evening, I know you will be looking fantastic!!! Send us some pics :)



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Good for you Mel! :)

If you feel great, you will look even better then you already do. I hope you have a fab time and get oodles of lovely compliments. xx :)


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Knock 'em dead Mel xxx



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And... AND??.... How'd it go? What'd they say?????????


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She's probably still sleeping it off!
We are waiting Mel...............?


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The fat girl kicked in as i was getting ready!! I upset myself that i looked stupid. My hair and makeup didnt go right and i felt overdressed and mutton dressed up as lamb.

when i got there everyone said i looked great so i relaxed a bit. However i have learnt a valuable lesson. strapless dresses are a pain in the arse when u have big boobs!!


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The confidence thing is a bummer isn't it?
Luckily no-one knows what goes on in our heads!
I bet they thought you looked great.
Lucky you - slim,but still with big boobs.
Mine have all but disappeared and I used to be able to rest them on any table top/counter! Actually, I now realise I don't miss them that much.
I fell into the same trap:
I asked a friend to tell me if I was dressing like mutton - she said:
"Naaaaaaaahhh" !!