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Forget to drink LT Shakes!!

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Hi Guys,
I was just wondering....... has anyone else got to the end of the evening and realised they have only had 1 shake!! I did this yesterday, had my first shake about 3.30 pm my second at 9pm and totaly forgot my 3rd!! :sigh: I also did the exact same thing once before in my 1st week! To be honest, i just dont feel hungry at all and find it a real chore trying to remember to drink them :sigh: I know I really must, for all the nutrients required etc. I have decided to have one every meal time now when I have made my family's meals. What I really wanted to know was, will this affect my weight loss in any way? :confused:
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if you cintunually dont have all 3... fromwhat other people have said looks like you will go into starvation mode and hang on to your fat...

so wouldnt suggest it on a regualr basis... however this week on 2 days i forgot to have all 3 and had 2...

and still lost 6lbs...

just stay safe
yep, same thing happens with me, it didn't slow my weight loss but do have to occasionaly force myself to have all 3 as sometimes I just really don't want them. Going into starvation mode would really worry me, as I don't want to mess up weight loss, or hang on to fat! But also wanna try n stay as healthy as poss, we're having so little anyway there isn't really anything to cut out.
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i have done it on the odd ocasion as well lol

no harm if its only 1 though


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I always used to have only 1 when I first did Lipotrim and still lost, but I don't think it does you any good to neglect what your body requires. One week on LT the last time I did it I really neglected myself and was living on 1 shake and hardly any water thinking it was less therefore I would lose more.....no it doesn't work that way. The following week I was religiously having loads of water and 3 shakes and I lost 6lbs! The more water the better in my case.


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Make sure you take all of your shakes, It is important
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I have forgotten once, though realise that we should have them alL/ Sometimes I find myself having the 1st at midday and then its difficult fitting the rest in. Am conscious that I should have one breakfast time but can't face it then:sigh:

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