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Forgot my books today...anyone help?


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Hi :)

Im new to this site but wanted to ask for advice. Im getting married in 18 weeks and have 5 stone to loose. I have only just started weight watchers and lost 3.5lbs my first week and 1lbs yesterday :D. My question is....

I know I wont make my goal weight before the wedding (purely my own lazy ass fault) but do I continue on ww and loose as much as I can or try a VLCD? Ive tried one before and hated it but should I shut up and be brave and do it?

I love ww because you still get to live but Im petrified Im going to look awful on my weddiing day and regret it all.....Im having nightmares about looking like a heifer on the altar and ruining my photos :cry:
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a vlcd will shift the weight alot quicker, go an have a look on the vlcd threads where you will have a better idea ....maybe do a vlcd in the meantime then use WW to finish off what you need to lose !!

good luck !!


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Well I must say I've yet to see a bride look awful (well maybe Jordan in that pink 'thing') ... no matter what size they are - Wedding dresses have a way of making everyone look beautiful :)

The run up to a wedding can be stressful, so I would advise against adding another stress of the VLCD, especially as you know you already hate them.

No, you won't get to goal in 18 weeks, but you could lose around 2 1/2 stone and would feel fantastic. I'd also recommend doing some exercise - not just cardiovascular but some muscle toning, as you can tone up and drop dress sizes without necessarily losing weight at the same time.

Ultimatley though, it's you decision. You have to want to commit to the diet you choose. I did Cambridge for one week a while back, and promised myself I would never put myself through that again!!! But there are some people who swear by them.

Anyway - I wish you tons of luck in whatever diet you decide to do!!



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A friend of mine lost a lot of weight in a few months on the vlcd but for her it had horrible side effects (hair nails and skin suffered) not all people suffer

myself I am sure you will look beautiful at your wedding no matter what
and for that reason I would suggest you choose the diet you think you can stick to - what ever that might be
and of course up the exercise to tone as you go that way you will be building muscle (it takes up less room that fat pound for pound) which is metabolically active tissue and uses up calories all helping reach your long term goal

whatever you decide you will get loads of help and support on this board - after all we all want to be virtual bridesmaids maids of honour :)


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S: 17st2.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 3st9lb(21.21%)
Yes we do - but only if we don't have to wear bright pink puffy dresses like I did to my sisters wedding years ago .... soooo not a good look for me!!
Twigs EXCELLENT thought
I am defo allergic to pink (of ALL shades)


love it
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Twiigy has a very good point about the 'stress' side of the run up to a wedding. How about doing a vlcd now just for a few weeks toget you off to a flying start then come back to ww and build on your success as the wedding gets closer and things get more hectic!!


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Hi Ladies!

Thanks for all the gr8 advice. It is stressful enough organising the wedding at the best of times! I have a few things coming up over the next few weeks like my hens and different parties so a VLCD for the moment wouldnt work but I am weight watching.

Unfortunately if you guys wanna be my virtual bridesmaids youll have to wear pink! My birdesmaids dresses are like a raspberry pink! Although not a merangue in sight :rotflmao:


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Could anyone help me out? Ive forgotten my books today and havent pointed anything!

Breakfast: Slimfast shake 215kcals and 1g sat fat
Snack:Mocha with low fat milk (medium)
Lunch: hard boiled egg, 2 slices brown soda bread, low low butter, vegetable soup (maybe 2points for this)



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Your breakfast shake will be 3.5 pts
A Starbucks mocha with Skimmed milk and whipped cream is 5 pts for a Tall so you may need to add a couple more for a Grande.
Medium egg is 1.5 pts, soda bread is 1.5 pts per slice, spread ??? and then your 2pts soup..

I would say approx 16/17 pts...


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