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I don't think there is, you can post comments under their topics and sometimes SW will reply but I don't think there is anything like this.

Minis SW forum rocks :)
Nope. I think that's partly why the SW section of minimins is one of the busiest on the site (well, I think it is, from the look of the other bits - Starlight, correct me if I'm wrong!)

I first got into forums and chat rooms through the WW site, who had a good, active members forum on their site. I used that a lot at the time. Was quite disappointed that SW didn't have anything like that...but that brought me here :D


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When i first started i couldnt find one so i googled syn value for twiglets I think!! That bought up this site which i have to say has helped me more than i could ever imagined!
It would be helpful to have one on the SW site but everything you need is here. Thank god for Minimins!
My leader says there isnt one just in case people put up wrong info or start getting nasty to each other.I think that it is strange as i cant see anybody doing that.
As soon as I realised that there wasn't one I googled "Slimming World forum" and this is the one that came up first.
That seems a strange reason for not doing it. You could say the same could happen here but if it does people quickly correct things and report problems. Im sure they could do a well moderated board too if they chose to. Not that their mods would be a patch on Minimins ones :giggle:

Youre right this IS one of the busiest boards on Minimins :bliss:
as far as I know sw dont have forums not like ww how ever this sw forum is brill on minimins prevously was on another diet and the forum was so quiet this one is so fab and plentyof activity wish had known about it when did sw 1st time round thanks everyone your gr8!bye for now off toweigh in for 7 pm
it seems like a silly reason at the end of the day if there was one for members with the password then everyone would be doing sw but if your on a site that isnt regulated by sw then theres going to be more of a risk of bad information and people being 'nasty' to each other. god how childish
There did used to be quite a lot of trolls on the WW site, but to be fair it was usually current members changing their IDs and coming on to post something nasty to other members, or controversial, that they didn't want to post under their normal username!

It's probably the cost of setting it up, running it, having staff to monitor it etc. There will be some business reason they don't want to do it!
I think cost could be a factor Helliecopter. If they did add a forum then the bandwidth costs would likely go up.

To be honest when I was doing WW I didn't use their forums as they weren't very good (threads didn't return to the top when someone posted and it meant they got lost VERY quickly)
It's probably the cost of setting it up, running it, having staff to monitor it etc. There will be some business reason they don't want to do it!
Id have thought that if the site is up and running the way it is it wouldnt make much difference adding another section.

Staffing wise - wouldnt cost a penny :) I dont know any sites where moderators etc get paid
Bandwidth costs would most likely shoot up though, Starlight.
With the size of their site as it is I wouldnt think it would be much, look at how big this site is with no membership fees, theyre getting money from members and could do what WW do, offer a 'restricted' membership I bet that would more than make up anything.

Mind you perhaps once they saw how good Minimins was they thought there was no point in even trying to compete ;)


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Bandwidth costs would most likely shoot up though, Starlight.
No, it really is not expensive at all.
I co-own and moderate a pretty busy site with many additional features and a lot of members (not slimming related!) and it costs us about nine pounds a month.
I tnink with SW, being a business, they would probably think about employing people to moderate, wheras other sites people are happy to moderate for free.

This site is brilliant and I really love it.
Thanks to all who make it so!

For those who may be interested, there is another forum SW related, but not very busy so I seldom go there, and have not updated my info in ages!
It is very "pretty" but very quiet, and not as interesting or friendly as minimins but this is the link for those who wish to have a look:

*link removed*

It would take a lot to beat minimins and the lovely people here!
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