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Four's diary

Morning 4... Have I missed something!? Lol :)
You've missed nothing - lol. Am trying to get a space and use up a few posts to get my siggy privileges.

My ramble for today - I have a stinking cold. To be frank everything is tasting yuck today. I have a chicken breast in the fridge and some oopsie bread I made yesterday. Was going to have a chicken salad sandwich but I don't feel like having anything.

I think tonight hubby and the kids and I are supposed to be heading into the town for a walk about. Hoping on getting some plastic boxes from the pound shop to tidy up the millions of photos that are laying around up in my craft room. That's the plan anyway.
Hello 4... I hope you feel better soon :)
So today I'm still feeling lousy. The last two infections I've had turned to pneumonia. Here's hoping this one doesn't. I've taken my suppliments and tried to keep myself topped up with fluids.
I haven't felt like eating much, I've tried to but just can't taste anything.

On a positive note I thought I'd plateaus the last couple weeks - lol not now the scales are on the move again.
We have a party to o to this evening. Testing time as hubby asked me to make a pavlova.
That got me thinking - I am going o try make pavlova with sweetener one day instead of sugar. Mmmm.

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Enjoy the party 4 :)
Two parties down none to go.

Sunday's party was good, I was good.
Monday's party was good, and the cupcakes were good, that means I wasn't good. Oops

Back on the straight and narrow today. I've even put away all the kids Halloween sweets because they all overdid things.

I'm considering doing induction phase again, I've been thinking about that for a while now as i feel i need a refresher or reminder. I feel like ive been stuck at this weight forever, reality is that its only been two weeks. Next month is Christmas I want to be in a size 12 so badly.

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don't get down about an apparent slow down, its the way of atkins! i've not lost anything much since last december, but i have reduced in size, clothes fit better, i look trimmer. i just have a very resistant body to weight loss, but i feel so much better overall on atkins that suppose i never lost another pound i still wouldn't stop this woe!
Morning 4, I stayed on induction for 6 months, and I still go into strict induction prior to and after known binges
Morning 4 ... I've been on induction for 6 months so far and still have to do it for another 9 months I reckon ... Hope you have a great day :)
Well so far today

B - a cube of peppered cheese - wasn't terribly hungry.
L - fried egg and 5 turkey rashers and a little bit of asda salad.

For dinner planning ginger beef with either mixed salad or veggies not sure which my family are having wedges which I don't like so that's good.

So far no snacks saving them for tonight.

And I've had several large glasses of water and three cups of tea.

Doesn't look much yet lol.

I'm goring the reading on today's scales lol trying not to get disheartened by the 1 pound up it's showing. Planning on being down again in a couple of days.

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This is for life
I so enjoyed induction that i did for 7 months too. In fact on owl i sometimes struggle to get my carbs up to 35g (without being daft of course) - i am very comfortable at 20 and also know i can default to it safely when out and about.
Morning 4 :)
Morning 4,

I'm with katie, I have to try hard to not eat Induction style
Good morning Jin, alpaca and Katie :)

Well dinner last night was ginger beef, and I had a couple sneaky eggcups. As for carbs - I lost count but way less than 20.

Today - going to try eat my 20 and maybe tomorrow the scales will be kind.

Do you find that you lose more if you eat 20 carbs? What happens if you only eat 10?

This morning I've already been out with eldest son, he had a flu jab. Back home now waiting for my new fridge to arrive between 12& 4. I need a new fridge so badley, the old one won't stay closed I have to put a stool in front of it.

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Morning 4, the point about the 20 carbs is more to make sure you are eating enough greens and stuff really

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