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Francesca's Diary

Well its day 14 today. I'm so proud of myself for making it this far. I only joined this site today but im gonna try and do my diary each day.
I joined the Rosemary Conley diet and fitness group on the 21/01/2009 i tipped the scales at 16 and a half stone. That was a horrible moment but its made me even more determined to loose the weight.

My second weigh in was much better ive lost 7lbs :bliss:i got a certificate for loosing my first half stone and another one for being slimmer of the week. I don't think ive ever been so happy with myself before.

Today has been a bit hard for me. Me and my partner love watching the super bowl and normally wed have hot dogs chips and popcorn while watching it (my partner could eat cake all day and he'd never put on weight) Well my partner still had that but i had a salad. I'm pleased with myself for not giving in to temptations but its annoying not being able to have it.

I have said that one day a month will be a treat day for myself. My treat day will be 14/02/09 valentines day. God cant wat for it. 2 weeks then a treat, hmmm i wonder what i'll have...

Well best go and get some sleep now. will check in tomorrow with whats new. :talk017:
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Day 15.

Well today has been good so far. My partner woke me up to tell me he wasn't going into work coz of all the snow. We checked the roads and decided it was best i didn't go either, i didn't wanna skid on ice crash my car end up in hospital and put on weight lol.
My boss thought i should go in but i was like no its far to icy the trains are canceled and im not driving!
Ive pretty much scrolled through the forum today getting lots of inspiration. My partner said he thinks i look thinner too which was a big boost for me.
I'm gonna make a nice chicken salad for myself tonight i think. I'm really craving pickled onions lol.

Im really hoping the weather is better for wednesday as i have my RC class and weigh in. Im really looking forward to it. Ive been so good this last week so hopefully it will show when i hop on the scales.

I must try to get to the gym tomorrow to as the bad weather kept me away today. :whacky068:

I hope everyone else is doing well. Lets all keep thinking positive!!
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Day 16

Ok so today i managed to leave the house and get to work, the roads were still quite icy but i made it. I only had a half day so i went to the gym for an hour. Felt really good after my exercising :character00115:

Have my weigh in tomorrow night. I'm quite excited but a little nervous to. Its hard to not jump on some scales before i go but id rather find out at my class. I made some friends last week too so im excited to see them and find out how they have done.

Well off i go to have a yogurt. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!



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Good luck with your weigh-in, not that you need it. i know the result is going to be good.

Keep going, we can do this!

Day 17

Ok so it was the big weigh in tonight. I was excited but worried to. I got on the scales and shut my eyes then i heard the words you've lost 4 1/2 pounds!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaay im so excited and happy. Its the best feeling ever getting a loss. The 4 1/2 makes it a total of 11 1/2 in two weeks!!!! I really feel like im achieving things its so good.

I also got slimmer of the week again this week so another bonus for me.

Gonna knuckle down this week and get another loss.

Day 18

Feeling really good today after last nights weigh in. Had quite a stressful day at work and feeling a little run down (think ive got a head cold) so i decided to not go to the gym tonight but go twice at the weekend instead. :character00116:

I think my work uniform is a little looser to!!!!

Dont really have anything planned for the weekend apart from the gym and food shopping. Think i'll have a quite one.

Ive made an album to of some pics of me at my heaviest so i can look at them if im feeling weak.

Day 19

Woke up today with a horrible cold. It got worse through the day and having to work a 12 hour shift didn't help matters. I really hope i can shift it as i want to get some gym time in this weekend.

I'm cuddled up in bed with my 2 lovely cats keeping me company. Poor things look so confused when i start sneezing everywhere.

Well hopefully 'll feel better tomorrow!!

Day 20

Woke up feeling dreadful today,:sign0137: my head hurt and i had no energy. I moped about all day and when i finally felt well enough to go to the gym i found it was shut!! How annoying?? Have no idea why and i do hope its open again tomorrow.

My tuna salad depressed me tonight aswell. I think its where im feeling ill i just want comfort food but i will not give in!!

I hope my few days of feeling crappy wont last, ive done so well already i don't want to do anything to upset things!

Day 21

Feeling much better today still a bit sneezy but nothing i cant handle. Decided to stay away from the gym today and wrap up warm so i no i'll be in tip top condition for the week ahead.

I have been hunting for new haircuts and i've found a great one and i've decided what colors i want to go. Not sure when i'll have it done, maybe treat myself when i've lost 2 1/2 stone. Gives me something to look forward to and a goal to get to.

Back to work tomorrow then the gym afterwards.

Wow, 11.5lbs in two weeks, you go girl!

You might even hit 1 stone this time around.

H x
Day 22

Well i had quite a good day today. I woke up feeling really tired but once i was at work i woke up a bit. Was quite busy all day so i didn't have any time to think about bad food.

I went to the gym after work and did a solid hour of exercise!!! I was sweating buckets but all i thought was "the more i sweat the more fat will go" :character00115:

Its my half day at work tomorrow so i'll be off to the gym in the afternoon. I'm going to try and do a bit longer than an hour i think. :)

Cant wait for my weigh in on Wednesday. I always get so impatient at the start of the week!!:D

You are doing so well FAR, keep it going!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great losses! :) Well done for doing so well and being so positive :)
Day 23

Had a great day today,:D went to the gym after work and did 1hour 15mins of exercise and then when i got home i did 2 hours of house work. I feel really energized by dong all this.

The OH is away tonight so im wondering what to do? I think im just gonna snuggle up with my cats and watch some trashy TV :)

3rd weigh in tomorrow. I'm very excited i really like my classes and ive made some really good friends. Hopefully i'll see those scales going in the right direction (down lol)

Good luck!!! Will check in tomorrow to see how you do :D.

H x
Day 24

Had a excellent day today. Went to my RC class tonight for my third weigh in and ive lost 2 1/2 lbs this week making it 1stone in 3 weeks!!! woooooooo :happy036: Im so proud!!! I got a certificate aswell for the achievement.

OH is back tonight and he was so proud too. I always miss him like crazy when hes not around so im glad hes back.

This week im gonna aim at the gym at least 3 times but hopefully will make 4.

Has def been a good day!!!!!


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