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frenchfancy's journey

I have restarted today after falling off the wagon 2 weeks ago. I have restarted a new diary as I wanted a new beginning and all that. I think I hit the all time low earlier today when i broke down in tears and explained to my hubby how unhappy my weight makes me. He struggled to get his head round the fact that despite how I felt I would eat biscuits and rubbish. I am the true emotional eater and if unhappy etc will eat, eat eat.
My 21 year old son has just lost almost 6 stones and now looks absolutely amazing; my mum is going to be having a gastric band operation (orthopaedic consultant has put her forward as if she doesn't lose at least 5 stones she is going to end up in a wheelchair as she has very severe arthritis/osteoporosis in her spine.) So it would appear that everyone close will be slim and I remain fat....... so I have decided that I have to take control of the situation and get my big fat bum in gear. No-one else is going to lose this weight for me. Day one has been good so far, but I still neeed to do some walking, but it has been 38 degrees here today and far too hot. I will go on the treadmill shortly as it is now quite cool in the garage.

i intend to use this diary as a journal of my journey, reports of emotional ups and downs and am just hoping that I will be able to succeed this time. If anyone reads this and decides to follow me and my crazy ramblings, feel free to comment and advise as all help will be greatly appreciated.
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I can if I think I can.
Well done, you've taken the first step and taking control! As one emotional eater to another, I can totally relate as will many others. The folks posting on here are brill and if you stick with it, they'll stick by you. :) Xx
Hi Frenchy :)

I've just restarted Dukan, I too am an emotional & boredom eater....I recently lost my mum and really hit the comfort eating button of self-destruction...I've made the commitment this time to get slim as Mum always liked to see the results of my Dukanning....so I'm doing it for her this time as well as myself :)

Good Luck hun and keep posting - I find the best thing is to develop an addiction to minimins as well as the diet :) that way you're never far away from others who'll keep you on the straight and narrow and know what you're going through and if you're going wrong anywhere along the line :)

Best of luck x


** Chief WITCH **
Welcome FF... and if you need any help on product choices, I'm in France too, so feel free...
thanks for all your words of support; it really does help. I have had a couple of good days. my husband is being more supportive this time and we have been for a walk around the local lake with the dog early in the mornings, as it gets too hot much after 9. I have also been busy with making some cakes for friends this week. Just finished a chocolate small wedding cake single tier chocolate wedding cake by frenchfancy on Cake Central for tomorrow. It just needs the fresh sunflower posy on the top tomorrow. I have also been busy making Hello Kitty cupcake toppers for a friend's daughters birthday next week. Will post pics of that when the cakes are finished. Believe it or not, but when I am busy baking, food is the last thing on my mind as my hands and head are occupied and of course no licking fingers and spoons as they are made for friends and not me.
well today is day 4 and still going strong. No chance of the early morning walk around the lake today as we have to deliver the wedding cake this morning. It looks like I will have to go on the treadmill this evening when it is a touch cooler, as its forecast 35 degrees in the shade today, so you can easily add another 10 degrees to that in the sun.

My task for today, to keep my hands occupied is to make myself a sun hat; got a pattern off the internet, just need to have a good scour in the loft at all my fabric/old clothes and see what I can recycle. I need to keep both mind and hands busy or else I get into trouble and want to start eating stuff I shouldn't.
thanks. I do have to keep busy and I just googled free sun hat patterns/templates on google and got the pattern and instructions. I have to admit that I didn't get round to it today after delivering the cake as we had to wait round for over an hour for the cr*p florist to arrive, but that's another story. So when we got home, 2 hours travelling I was frazzled and went to sleep. But sunhat is on for tomorrow as I have a grandfather clock cake to make for a friend next week.
up relatively bright and early and have had our lovely walk round the lake with our dog; she loves it and then we stop and have a coffee watching the kids play on the man made beach. It's a beautiful place and only 10 mins in the car. Then a good hours walk round the actual lake. It's going to be another scorcher today, it's 36 degrees already and I feel like a limp lettuce. So definately going to make my sun hat today.
On a sad note one of my baby chickens (5 week old) was dead in the coop this morning. I don't know if it overheated or not. The rest of the flock was ok just the baby.
I have had a good day today. walked around the lake with dog and hubby at 8am this morning and it was 25 degrees then. We then went shopping and bought our dog a disney princess padling pool and bless her she has been in and out of it all day, lying in it to get cool. It is the best 13 euros ever spent lol.
This afternoon I spent a couple of hours making the decorations for cupcakes due tomorrow and birthday cake for weekend. I love it when I am busy as I don't even think about eating and of course I love to watch the scales going down.
OMG we were up and at them early this morning. we were back home from the lake walk with the dog at 8.45am today and I have just eaten my yoghurt with oatbran in it. Am just having my black coffee and chilling for 10 mins before I start todays baking. I am on Hello Kitty cupcakes and will post the photo link when they are finished.
I am feeling quite good and upbeat at the moment; definately a lot better than I did last week. I just keep taking one day at a time, baby steps as they say.


** Chief WITCH **
Glad to hear you're feeling good FF... I wonder if the walking is playing its part in lifting your mood too. I know it's the case for me. In this heat, you're right to get your walks in early morning. I got to work pretty HOT this morning :)
Joanne, I definately think the walks are helping my mood too, and with going so early to avoid too much heat, it does seem to be setting my mood for the day. The lake walk is so beautiful too, not just a trudge down the road seeing houses; it is an absolutely stunning setting so makes me feel good just being there.
Tomorrow I will not do the lake walk as I meet a friend in town for our local market followed by coffee. At the moment we still have lots of tourists around and the market attracts 10,000 people from all over and so is extremely busy. I will walk into town, cos you couldn't find anywhere to park if you wanted to lol (people come and park outside our drive, which is a 20 min walk from town anyway). I meet my friend and we walk around getting our supplies and then sit outside one of the street cafes and have cafe and people watch. Wednesday morning is a lovely treat and I never have cake with my cafe.

So here's to the rest of my good day x


** Chief WITCH **
Have a lovely day FF... and if you're not too cautious to mention (even vaguely) where you are in France, I'd be interested! As for not being able to walk because you've an appointment, I get my walk in at 7.15am each day, so... ;)

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Looking forward to seeing the cake pics! :)
Hello Kitty - Cupcakes! by frenchfancy on CakeCentral.com here's the cake pics, I didn't do her whiskers right but by the time I realsied it was too late, but the little girl was thrilled anyway.

I here what you're saying Joanne about walking at 7.15 but its just not possible tomorrow. It takes 10 mins to get to lake in car and same back, plus an hour to walk round. Then I would need to get showered and have 20 min walk into town to meet friend, and before I do any of that I have to feed and water 12 chucks, 2 cats and a dog. It would mean me having to get up before 6,30 and I am supposed to be retired. So I think my walk into and out of town will suffice for my walking tomorrow and the old girl (our dog) can have her day of rest.
BTW I am in dept 24 bordering the Haute Vienne.
LOL you can't have a cupcake. you can look all you like but no eating. My next challenge is an 85th birthday cake for a friend of ours due sunday and to be in the shape of a grandfather clock. So tomorrows baking will be to actually bake the basic cake.

yes retiring to france was a wonderful idea, which became reality 16 months ago. i think sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and try to live out your dreams unless you want to live a life of regrets. At times it was nerve wrecking, but it is one of the best things we ever did.

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