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Hello dear daily threaders

Hope that you are all well . Have just read through yesterday's thread - very pretty and meaningful tatoos galore, unfortunately I so far lack the courage!

Well the good news first, Dreamboats and Petticoats is a great 'feel good' musical. Its a light hearted romp through an innocent age (the 1950's) - lots of dancing, music and song. Very enjoyable.

Supposedly I have an admirer, and he's really nice!! Crikey, I think its the 3 stone lost - I am the same person but feeling more confident. I think he fancies my friend, she says no - its me he likes - can you believe we are all in our 40's, ha ha! Wont say too much as it then goes terribly wrong - lets just watch this space!

So, what else did I do today? Slept badly last night as getting episodes of breathlessness - its a sore throat/losing my voice kind of thing with a return of a cold, but I was so tired as I headed into town - succumbed to the temptations, had lunch, dessert, went to a pub at Leicester Square afterwards, lets say no more!!

Fresh start today and bizarrely, I am off to the theatre again - sounds like Groundhog Day! This time a comedy play called 'Daisy Pulls It Off' - which is billed as a St.Trinians type of show.

:candledinner: Not getting carried away - at all!

Good Luck to all for a successful CD day x
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Morning all. Blingbabe your life sounds so glamourous. I want to live in London. I'm contemplating applying for there jobs when I finish uni this year. Its sounds so much fun.

Today is weigh in day and then I WILL start doing some dissertation work. It's hanging over me so I'll be sat here all day periodically checking in.

Have a great day everyone :)


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LOL Sarah !!!!!

Wahooooo on the fella ;) very I intriging! (sp)

Enjoy the play it's sounds lovely :)

Well I'm same location as bling babe and weather is miserable !! Only work to look forward to , which I must get ready for

Happy cd day guys!!!! Xxx

Mrs Taurus

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Morning all, wow your post took me back in time Bling to a school trip to watch 'Daisy pull's it off',and yes to my memory(although 20 years ago yikes!) it was very st.Trinians.
I am still hovering around my pre-xmas loss,but am happy that until I get my complete mojo back I am able to maintain using cd packs most days and having a few socials to perk me up at weekends which get me through the 4 days without Mr T each week. Strangely this has given me a feeling of confidence that I can stop, and can have a few treats without hating myself,unlike when I last loss weight and got totally messed up and obsessive.
Although with a BMI of 28, feeling so much better and confident am I that yesterday got my hair re-styled and coloured a brighter red- the thing I said I would do at goal!
I am really fortunate to have a great and understanding cd,who accepts for various reasons I am currently no longer a cd angel,but have far from thrown in the towel and still love my packs.
Master T 3 tomorrow,I am very excited!!!
Fab friday to everyone x

ps Mrs E just noticed your BMI,congratulations !x


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There is neve a better motivation than having butterflies in your stomach LOL
Your story is very intriging indeed. Waiting to hear more :)

Your life does sound absolutely glamorous and I think I have to start living my life to the full as well! Your plans for the evening sound fabulous - have a smashing evening hun.

And for all of us - happy CD-ing-Friday my friends xxx


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aww you all lead such exciting lifes

my day today consists of shopping for stuff to get rid of the acidy reflux smell ( which her bm's smell off now too, maybe time to chat to docs again ) and trying to stop my sisters dog from walking me


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Morning all!

Man I'm pooped this morning, had a late quiz night after a good aerobics session yesterday- did lots of toning with weights on shoulders and arms (sorting out those bingo wings!) and all I can say is that I'm glad it's FRIDAY!!! Been alot more focussed of late- a blippy day yesterday, but I'm not gonna stress about it. My challenge is to get through the weekend 100% so I'm gonna keep busy, busy, busy as that's my weakest bit!

I have to say while there are some very glamorous lives being led around here, I'm grateful for my relatively quiet one down here in chill-out Plymouth/Cornwall...I haven't the energy!!!

Here's to a day of glugging that H2O, avoiding the cake in the classroom, musical tummy rumblings and feeling good for taking control x Have a great day x


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Ooooh an admirer hey BB! How exciting, do keep us updated :) I've heard really good things about Daisy Pulls It Off, so hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Chika, BB's life is far more glamourous than mine ever was when I was living in London! I do look forward to being back there later this year though. Good luck with your dissertation, I know that joy! How's it going? What's it on?

Leah I love that you love work so much, reminds me that not all people are constantly miserable about their jobs and there is such thing as job satisfaction! It gives me hope!!

MrsT, glad your CDC is understanding about it all. I guess now that you're closer to goal there's a lot less of that push and emphasis on how important it is to get back into the swing of it. I'm sure you'll get there though.

Morning Chloe :)

Claire my life isn't very exciting! It consists mainly of uni, work, dissertation and that's about it! Good luck with the dog again!

Clare you've got the right attitude there, totally. I think it's when we focus on blips we get into this big guilty circle, and I think it leads to blipping again, to make you feel better because of the guilt almost. Well does for me anyway! Have a great day.

I've got my brother in law's 40th birthday party tomorrow, and am staying at my sister's tonight and tomorrow, so will be interesting avoiding food. Will be doing my very best though, I'm annoyingly all out of bars though. I'm doing SS+ anyway, so will try and make an SS+ meal tonight and tomorrow. Dinner at theirs usually involves salad, chicken or something like that and then there'll be a carby thing, but I can just not have that. Have a good day everyone!


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Morning Daily Threaders!

Hi Bling -- I love your theatre reports as I take note for future shows. I will be joining you on the theatre circuit this Sunday with my DH and DD to see "Jersey Boys" -- yeah! I found out yesterday that the daughter of the friend in the critical unit HAS NEVER BEEN TO LONDON! She has lived over half her life in the UK -- mostly near Corby. So, when her dad is out of the ICU, the other mum and I are taking her to London (she'd like to go to Madame Tussaud's) and I think we'll do the Dreamboats and Petticoats show, or Sister Act (which I know she loved the film -- and I've seen that show... awesome!)

Do keep us updated on the admirerer... just in time for Valentine's Day.

Chika, You might just need to move to London to keep BB from spending all her retirement funds on Bling and Shows!

Mrs. E -- I am little worried about your working conditions... I heard that we might get more snow! I hope not.

Mrs. T -- I miss my mister when he's not around, but I find it easier to be "good" when I'm not watching him enjoy his food. Although, he is trying to be a bit more CD friendly.

BP -- I've not been to the gym or a class but once this week. I am really going to have to get somesort of schedule set up for people to spend time at the hospital. I have my responsibilites to tend to, as well.

Claire -- I am with you (but looking forward to my Sunday off). I have been at the Addenbrookes Critical Unit for days now -- and my heart is just breaking for these families. One family has been waiting over 50 days for their young adult daughter to open her eyes. Our friend can move all four limbs (and has them), and the doctors are amazed but they think he has no neurological damage. He is still on a vent and on a ton of diamorphine -- so, he can be disoriented at times. But, other times he has shown humour and complete comprehension of what has and is happening. All this progress in less than two weeks -- we were told 12 days ago that he was certain to die... and now they say he will probably be ice skating again after a lot of rehabilitation!

CG -- Good Luck with staying good. I blipped a bit yesterday -- the other mum made cookies and brownies for the families in the ICU and I left my bar in the car -- so, I had a brownie (instead of just "doing without"). I did not feel so great later -- so, hopefully I'll remember that in the future.

I am hoping for a better CD day for all of us -- and more improvement for Victor (and the other people in the unit).



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Hi Guys! Mind if I join the daily chat? Restarting today and hopig to finally shift the weight once and for all!!! :)


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Of course not -- welcome Nellis10!


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Hi All,

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. I will be glad to be done with this one, thats for sure! I did finally get my TOTM after a year and a half of not having one and all I have to say is mother nature is really mad at me lol. I was so bloated, my socks were hard to get on and my shoes were too small. I had to go up a size in clothing just to go to work lol.

But today its much better which is really my saving grace, had I gone through another day like yesterday with the cramps and all, I may have just called in sick and been a hermit all day :).

Next week I get to go to Arizona for a prepaid forum (my industry) and I'm super excited about it. Not only is it going to be actually WARM but I've got a few really cute outfits in a lower size that I'm going to be able to fit in (assuming the bloating goes away hehe). After AZ then I'm popping over to San Diego CA for a few days to see my brother who lives next to the ocean over there and then its back to my very fridged midwest.

Today might be a bit stressful with getting everything in line at work to be gone for a few days but hopefully nothing I cant handle. Have a great day everyone :)


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Haha, I might move there indeed. I just need to find a school that will have me. Caroline, I was there all last summer and loved it although I may have been in holiday mode. I'm a bit of a small town girl at heart and I don't know if I'll take to London full time.

My dissertation is on using literacy to aid science teaching and learning in the primary classroom. Not the most thrilling thing in the world hence why I'm not mega motivated. What's yours on?

Oooooooo - for everyone that is shrinking (that'll be you all) If you have a TK Maxx near you get down there. They have an amazing sale with stuff reduced to as little as 30p. I got 5x Philosophy smellies for 30p each and 3 big bagfuls of clothes for when I'm smaller the whole lot cost less than £20. Best bargains were a tan leather trenchcoat for £13 from £260 and some Frye Boots for £10 - I'm dead chuffed. I love a bargain.


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Oh just wanted to add - I got weighed this morning and I've lost 20lbs in two weeks :D:D:D:D:D:D That's despite them bing rocky and I've had more off days than on days. This week I'm going to focus 100% and see what happens...


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What a fantastic loss Chika, well done hun.

Day 2 is going well, on every other attempt at CD I've normally nibbled on a little something by now (usually the crusts left from the girls morning toast.... mmmm) but I'm finding it surprisingly easy this time around. Not really hungry, have had to force a shake down and will be forcing another down after the school run. Even managed to do a weekly food shop without craving anything in Asda so I treat myself to a few bits of costume jewellery and nail polishes to keep me smiling :D

Think I'll indulge in a nice hot bath and have a manicure tonight while the family are tucking into the cottage pie I've prepared for supper. Thank god I'm a veggie or else I might have been picking away at it....


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wow Chika - 20lbs is amazing! Well Done!

I managed to do SS+ yesterday and planning on the same today!


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Hi, can I join in your chat? :sign0144:

I'm new to the CD. I haven't started yet as because I want to do SS, have a BMI above 40 and take medication for high BP my CDC thought it best that I get the Drs form signed off before we have our consultation. Anyway, form is filled in just trying to get through to the surgery to make a appointment........


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Of course you can Ellie! Do you think your doctor will be ok with it?

Chika well done on your loss this week, that's fab!

AI have you moved up to SS+ or is it just temporary? I've decided to do it, as we're both 5ft 9 it is only an extra 50 or so calories each day so really shouldn't make a difference to our losses.


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My heating is broken!!! :( The thermostat dial is broken off, how that's happened I don't know. Not sure if it's my housemates who have done it so that I can't put the heating on, I don't know. Not sure how you can break it off really! Means that it's stuck off, and I'm freezing! I don't know if they've reported it either. Means I can't do my washing because it won't dry! I don't really want to live in this house anymore.


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OMG! It seems to be a strange coincidence mhmm...

You should have a good old chat with them x