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Fresh start red & green days

Sunday EE

2 quorn sausages (4), beans, eggs, tomatoes & barm (B)
Hot chocolate (3)
SW chilli & brown rice
LF yoghurt & fruit
2 crispbreads (2) LF hummus (1)

10 syns
Hi, your food for Sunday looks ok, but don't forget to have some (one third) super free food with your meals, it will help your weight loss.
Good luck with your goals.
Thanks chick :) do u no if the tinned toms counts as part of the veg for spaghetti or chilli? Today was easier as iv been in work, I always feel like snacks at night tho arghh annoying...

Monday EE

1 hour cardio
2 boiled eggs & a banana
Tuna salad mayo (1) wrap (9), apple & LF yoghurt
Turkey, sweet potato, salad, light mayo (1)
Chicken & grapes

11 syns

Iv forgot to eat my HE B today does this matter?
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The healthy B's are to give you sufficient fibre, which will help you to lose weight, but if you don't have it - that's ok.
Your Super free foods can be in addition to your meal, or included - so chilli or Bolognese cooked with tomatoes, onions etc would count as the Super free
Tues EE

Gym toning
2 boiled eggs
Tuna salad mayo (1) LF yoghurt & apple
SW chilli & brown rice

Hopefully that's it for today!...

Had 1 dry weetabix (HX B) 2 crispbreads (2) & LF hummus (2) later on :S

5 syns for the day :)
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Wednesday EE

1 hour cardio
2 boiled eggs & banana
Apple & grapes
Ham salad mayo (1) LF yoghurt & snack jacks (4 1/2)
Apple & tangerine
2 quorn sausages (4) tomatoes, beans & eggs. Grapes & hi FI bar

HE A milk
HE B hi fi bar

Probably ate too much fruit today felt like grazing all day...

Tin of tomatoes and bit of chicken before bed... Too hungry to sleep :)
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Iv decided to join a meeting tonight :)


Weetabix (HEB) & milk (HEA) & banana
Tangerine & apple
Eat natural bar (10)
Ham salad mayo (1) quavers (6.5) & aero bar (12.5)
First Meeting- weighed 10.75
LF super noodles, grapes, LF yoghurt, hi FI bar (3)

33 syns!! So bad today as I new I was joining the meeting that is it now strict times! Always feel like I need a binge after tea that can't be normal...
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Day 1 love the day after weigh day new syns for the wk! More motivated after my meeting hope this is a good wk. I learnt that not all fruit is super free (bananas & grapes) maybe this is adding to we're I'm going wrong! Went for a Chinese in the night time syned everything to pull back on this wk...

Banana & coffee
Circuit class & half hour jog
2 boiled eggs & apple
Tuna mayo (1) cheese (HEA) jacket & salad
2 mints (2) hi FI bar (HEB) & grapes
Hot & sour soup (5) crackers (1 1/2) S&P ribs (3) boiled rice, chicken in blackbean (5)

The veg in the Chinese definately wasn't 1/3 of the meal... Any1 have advice for eating out?
S: 10st7.5lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 1st0lb(9.49%)
Hey here to subscribe. Advice for eating out, I'm not too good with it to be honest. As anti social as it is I try not to go out for dinner too often so that I don't have to face it. When I do go out/have a chinese or whatever it tends to be on an off plan day.
I know a lot of people weigh their chinese to help them account for syns and basically just don't have the 1/3 superfree with it. As far as I'm aware the 1/3 sf rule should be used as much as possible to limit your calorie intake elsewhere but I'd say every now and again not sticking to it is fine as long as you're not over doing the syns which you don't appear to be:)
Ok thanks chick that's a big help :) iv tried to be good an have had no syns today, but think iv made up 4 it an ate far too much! Atleast iv got thru a wkend alcohol free ha :) how's ur day been? Xxx


1 hour cardio & squat challenge day 1
Banana, apple, tangerine, grapes & mullerlight
Ham & egg barm, tin of tomatoes & tangerine
Super speed tomato soup
Spicy chicken pasta- lots of SF
Tangerine & grapes

That's a lot of fruit has any1 gained eating too much fruit? :)
S: 10st7.5lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 1st0lb(9.49%)
I personally don't know anyone who has gained from fruit. You should definitely try to have some syns each day :)
I'm northern Irish and in pretty sure barm is an English thing but if I'm right is it like a bread roll? It may need to be synned unless wholemeal and weighed so it could be used as your he.

My day was good thanks, lost 1.5lb this morning so hoping for another good week :)
Thanks Jen iv caught up with Fridays Chinese syns now yay :)
Yes the barms r bread rolls it was my HEB, I am struggling with the HEA's tho I don't think my few coffees a day cover the milk.
Arh well done chick! Which days have u mostly done this wk? Keep it up! Iv just got home from the gym gonna be good for the rest of the day I find it easier when I'm at home, I work in a office u c so it's so easy to pick at mints, chocolate etc it all adds up :S xxx
S: 10st7.5lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 1st0lb(9.49%)
What type of milk do you use? It you use skimmed you could change to semi skimmed as you'd have a lower allowance. I sometimes split my hexs...have half milk and half cheese.

I probably had an equal split of green and ee this week. I really need to get my head round red and try it as people seem to get good losses.
I decided to make today a green one! Do feel fuller i worry about all those carbs tho...

Banana & coffee
Gym toning & tabata treadmill
2 boiled eggs, tangerine, apple & grapes
Starbucks- black coffee & 1 choc (3 1/2)
Super speed tomato soup, noodles & 70g chicken (HEB)
Jacket potato, beans, LF cottage cheese (1) & 2 quorn sausages (4) tangerine

HE Milk
HEB1 70g chicken
HEB2 hi FI bar
Syns- 8 1/2

I did day 2 of the squat challenge an shopped for a few hours this afternoon :) probably should have had more veg with my tea I only ate it to stop me picking later on really...

Bedtime update... Can't seem to make it to bed without a trip to the fridge! Any tips any1???

Ate a muller light and slice of ham (1 1/2) think I was actually thirsty definately cudnt of been hungry after today's food! So now today's syns is 10.
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Going to try a red day tomorrow I'm dreading Thursdays weigh in with all this food iv eaten it seems too much, so far I have planned:

Gym in the morning, boiled eggs & fruit salad for breakfast, chicken salad & a yoghurt for lunch, ham, low fat cheese & veg omellette for tea, and save my HEB for a snack somewhere in the day super speed soup an bread or a sandwich if I'm hungry during the day... Lets see what happens :)

Done a red day today! I normally find these hard but it wasnt too bad, dinner was slightly boring tho.

Banana & coffee
Tabata toning workout
2 boiled eggs & apple
Chicken salad mayo (1) piripiri sauce (2) & snack a jacks (4.5)
Apple & yoghurt
Ham & cheese butty (HE A&B) Super Speed soup (1) & 2 plums Hi FI bar (HE B)
Squat challenge day 3

Syns- 8.5
HE A- cheese & splash of milk (halved each A choice)
HE B x 2- bread & hifi bar

I found my old slimming world books from 2011 today. I was a stone lighter at my joining weight, and was losing 2-3 lbs a week doing red and mostly green days. My losses do seem slower when i do EE think il keep up the red and green days with lots of super free :)

..... Bit of chicken and a muller light- no syns but really need to stop these snacks after tea it's a bad habit :-(
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Iv planned my day out for tomoro going to be a green one, really need to think of quick breakfast ideas I can eat on the go quickly b4 work.
Tues plan- boiled eggs an fruit, noodles, veg & soy sauce for lunch, cheese and tomato butty for tea and snacks of fruit/ yoghurts. All packed an ready for tomoro :) 3 more sleeps till my meeting really can't wait to see if this diet is working. Good night x

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