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Morning folks

Well had a great night at the theatre. Saw Faye Tozer (steps) in The Eva Cassidy story. She was amazing and really could sing!
I took my bar and water with me, so I didn't even have my custonary interval icecream:cool:. Maybe next time.
It was an excelent show and the music was lovely.

Had a good day yes...caught up with the water managed 6 litres all told.

You will be proud of me Mrs V

Good luck JJJ and Tara for weigh ins today....xx

Have a good one, Going to have my nails done this morning, my treat to me...

Catch you later

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Blimey! 6 litres?! That's amazing - think the most I've managed is about 5. Finding it harder this week as I'm off work. When I'm at school, my routine seems to be better.

Well, today's my 3rd weigh in....not sure what to expect, as I took the weekend off for my wedding reception. Was as good as I could be, though, and tried to eat protein rather than anything else (though I did have a couple of drinks too :eek:). Have thought more about food this week than the first time I "started".....we'll see - if I've lost anything at all, I suppose I've done well. And, even without the break, I wouldn't have been doing CD for a full 3 weeks until this Sunday.

Fingers crossed................


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wow good job on al that water hedgemag! i am impressed

well i was in bed at 9.30pm last night and slept through till 7 a m -- and drug free lol
must say one side effect of this diet for me has been fab sleep!

not much to do today - have to go and post catalogues thru doors ( selling greeting cards and trying to build biz ) and do the ironing and thats about it - - wow i lead a glam life lol

i have started to have a bar on alternate evenings but have noticed that the mornings after a bar i wake up hungry - - the mornings after i have just a tetra i am fine - - does this happen to anyone else?

anyway have a lovely morning all - - its cold here but nice and sunshiney so off for a brisk walk with the doggie to get my cheeks glowing : )


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Slushy, I must say that I too find if I have a bar in the evening I do wake up hungry. I usually have one (not every day, maybe twice a week) midday. I had 1 last night at the theatre and this morning I feel a bit hungry, so getting the water down my neck as I type lol
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fingers crossed for you all with your wi today!!!!, seeing my cdc for the first time tonight at 4pm(although on day 5 now as had plenty left over from my last attempt)

it's my birthday today, not doing anything exciting tho!!!


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S: 11st5lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st6lb(21.38%)
Hmmmmm....think I'm going to be offered the bars today. Am slightly concerned by what I've just read here.

Do I try them? Or do I stick to the liquid diet?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
The choice is yours Kopcat, the bars are there to use as a tool for losing weight and I must say they are scrummy, I love them all.

You can only have 1 a day as the Carb content is slightly higher. If you feel unsure about them just try a couple this week and see how you go. You can always have more next time. It will be trial or error. One other point (tmi) they can make you a bit windy ;0)


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S: 11st5lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st6lb(21.38%)
LOL wind is definitely something I don't need to suffer from....used to suffer chronically until I started to avoid dairy products (ironically, the CD shakes haven't affected me too badly). Doesn't go down too well, in a class full of 30 teens, when "miss" can't control herself!?!


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Morning all.
Hope you dont mind me joining in. Day 12 for me and still going strong. Looks like you are all doing fab - keep it up. I am already on my 2nd pint of water and a cup of coffee. Had an icy strawberry shake for breakfast and got chicken & mushroom soup planned for dinner. I'm also hoping the scales will be good to me this week (on sunday morning) as I feel dead bloated! grrr.
Best get some work done. gonna try and get off early to go to a bonfire with my lo. See if he likes it!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Ha ha with the wind issue!!!

Maggie - wow!!! 6 litres!!! Didn't you sloosh when you walked?!!! I only manage 4 a day!!! So I am definitely proud of you!!! And, well done for not having that icecream!!!

Well, what can I say about the day so far?
Daughter was only up once this morning at 5.30, so I could live with that and she stayed with me and Hubby until I got up at 6.45. - I'm still exhausted though!
I have a stinking cold, but don't really feel sorry for myself yet! I just want to sleep!
Hubby came off the plan last night and had a meal out with friends and a few pints - he now stinks of garlic and his breath makes me feel ill!!! Lol
So far, I have drunk 2 litres of water. I am dancing again this evening, so I know I will be downing at least 6 litres by the end of the evening!

It's Friday and work are already beginning to wind down for the weekend! Being the military, the like to leave by lunchtime!! Although us lowly admin staff have to stay until 16.30 just incase!

Right, have a great morning and I will catch you all later no doubt!

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Morning all

Well working from home again today because of train strikes. Have to say I don't enjoy it as I am easily distracted and find it hard to stay motivated but got some stuff to draft so will keep me out of trouble! Scales aren't budging for me this week, have started some toning exercises not sure if that might be an issue or if it is a bit of a plateau but will stick with it as things still seem to be getting looser.

Sounds like a lovely evening Maggie and well done on sticking with it resisting those lovely little pots of icecream. Good luck with the WI Kopcat and anyone else with WIs today.



Talks too much
Morning all!
Am so tired this morn, cant wait to get home this evening and get cuddled up to my OH and watch ugly betty! Ive been whacked over the head by the K fairy's big stick, got the dodgy breath and everything! :p
Started on litre numbero uno, trying to hold back on making my first shake as im working til 5 and ive only got 2 with me. Might have first one about half 11 and the second bout half 2. should be ready for my 790 meal when i get home then! sorry this isnt a very exciting post, but im living and breathing CD at the mo!:rolleyes:
Btw, had a dream last night that i had just took a big mouthful of cheesy chips, and i spat it out as i knew it would bring me outta ketosis! How obsessed am i???

Will b lurking most of the day folks, have a good one!


is gonna shine in 2009
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Can i Join you x 1st day for me after a looong break


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Weigh-in now put back to tomorrow....CD called and asked if I could go later on. Didn't really want to have to hang around (loads to do) so have put back until first thing tomorrow (you never know, that could make ALL the difference :D)

Mrs V

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Fingers crossed for you Kopcat!!! I'm sure you will have a good loss and be pleasantly surprised!
YAY!!!! I lost 2 1/2 lbs this week bringing me to 9st 4.5lbs and only HALF A POUND from goal!!! woo hoo!!! Going to change my ticker now though as i think i still need to shed a few pounds and will look better at 9stone (blimey some people are never satisfied are they?!:D)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Awww JJJ!!!

Fantastic news!!!! And there was you worrying over loosing that last 7lbs a little while ago!!!

Well - you've blown that well and truely out of the water!!!!!

I know that you have moved the goal posts, just that little bit more, but you WILL do it!!!!


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