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Friday hour by hour!


Serial Dieter!
Well, as I seem to be the first up and at it, I thought I might start the friday hour by hour thread!

Day 4 for me... everything is breezy easy at the moment. Already taken the dog for a walk... (I love the light mornings!) and I'm about to get cracking on the digging again (which I really hate, but needs must:rolleyes:)

Tested my pee again this morning... moderate ketones.... must be why I've so much energy! Lets hope it lasts the day. I vaguely remember that I used to get a mid afternoon slump when I SS'd before!

Have a great day everyone!
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Mistress of the Dark
Hi Alipally!

Day 4 for me too! Bit disappointed because no ketosis yet according to the ketostix but I think I must be in it and the amount of water I am drinking has diluted the ketones too much. Might try drinking less today (3l instead of 4.5l) to see if they show up in the morning.

How is everyone this morning? I am at work again for another 12 hour shift...yay...
Morning! 6 weeks of torture starts today.

GRRRR! I will be skint for the next 6 weeks entertaining DD how exciting!

Appart from that everything is ok here.

Have a brilliant 100% day!


Silver Member
Hey everyone,
Hope you're good.

Gem sometimes the ketostix are really inaccurate, do you have a funny smell on your breath?

Good luck with the digging alipally :)

Aww, have a great 6 weeks with DD Mrs Scoffalot, the time flies.

I'm staying in today, I still have a really bad chest infection and my limbs feel week. Going to drink plenty of water and I hope I'll recover x


Mistress of the Dark
No gross breath for me. Really disappointed because I have been so good :( Oh well. Good things come to those who wait! x
morning all! hope to have another 100% day today and keep the water up. hope you all have a great day x x
Im on day 4 aswell dont know if im in ketosis or not because my cdc never said anything about ketostix. Feeling quite good today full of energy got a lil bit of a headache coming.but thats what paracetamol is for.Roll on Monday for weigh in...gem what time is your weigh in
Mines not until 3.15 i cant wait for it to come either


Serial Dieter!
Breathless with an aching back!

Well, I'm done with the digging today..... just about run out of steam. So I'm going to sit down with a delicious toffee and walnut Shake and catch my breath...

Gem, if you're still not officially in ketosis, take it as an indicator that you had lots of glycogen stored.... you could be looking at an impressive weight loss on Monday... My Weight in is at 7am
... (DIY, well, I am a CDC!)

Keep glugging girls!
Day 6 of 100% SS and feeling AWESOME. Smiley and energetic for the first time in weeks (I've had a rough time lately!). I've deffo got that Friday feeling! Hang in there soontobe!!!


Mistress of the Dark
Gem, if you're still not officially in ketosis, take it as an indicator that you had lots of glycogen stored.... you could be looking at an impressive weight loss on Monday
I hope so Alipally! I did eat a hell of a lot of crap before restarting lol!!! x


Silver Member
Morning all!

Went for a walk to playpark with DS this am, got absolutely soaked on the way home as we got caught in a heavy shower but was nice to get out,he just loves the swings!

Another 100% SS+ day planned for me, I've got some fish out for tea, its not the full 190g so I might have some cottage cheese at lunch to make up my protein allowance &/or might have a strawberry mousse, haven't had a mix a mousse in a while. Other thatn that got boring housey jobs and ironing to do.


Silver Member
soontobelittlegem- don't get too worried about testing for ketosis. if you're 100% then you can't do better than that!! and i remember KD posting that she never or rarely tested positive for ketosis despite following it 100%. and if you do ever cheat then don't test the next day, when I've blipped I stay away from the sticks as I wouldn't want to see that I'm still in ketosis-might make me think I can get away with it again!


Serial Dieter!
I have to say that I only really test for the first week.... it keeps me motivated whilst I'm waiting for a weigh in result!

But it's nice to know that all of the glycogen is gone and my body has moved onto burning the flab!

Well am off to the shops...... need to feed the boy something!


Going for Goal!
Hey everyone,
Hope you're having a good friday. I got home an hour ago, looking like a drowned rat - literally. I'm now sat shivering and recovering.

My very own STUPID, STUPID fault.

I was in town this morning for a meeting with social services. I got the bus there and decided to 'walk home' (4 miles walk - about 1.5 hours) leaving my purse at home, to stop me being tempted to just jump on a bus. I wanted to be active.

Well the first 20 mins of the journey was great, sun shining. Then Oh dear...I noticed the clouds going greyer and greyer. It drizzled "ah it'll be fine " so I thought. Then the bloody heavens opened. Just my luck! I kept getting shelter under trees, lol but they soon stopped sheltering me, and huge blobs of rain plopped on my head.

I also had no coat on (The weather was gorgeous this morning! )

An hour or so later I arrived home, with my clothes sticking to me, and feeling very cold.

Got changed and made a warm shake, but i'm shivering (it's been an hour since I got home) What a fool I am.

*I'll be laughing about this in a few days!* Just not right now...I'm too cold!

What a lovely start to the weekend! lol

Hugs x x x
Oh no Emma, that's rubbish! The weather lately has been so indecisive! Every time I go out I take my sunglasses and my brolly, and usually use them both!!

I guess you could maybe take comfort in the fact that your body had to burn some fat to try and warm up??? Hehe. Plus it feels so lovely to come in out of the rain, have a hot shower and get into bed for a bit.


Going for Goal!
I might just do that - i'm so cold!!! I could do with a soak in the bath!

Hugs x x x


Silver Member
Emma I feel your pain! same happened to me this morning but I was only a 10 min walk from home so really no comparison there, still got soaked though!


Going for Goal!
I can believe it Angela, the heavens opened didn't they?! I couldn't believe it, it was beautiful sunshine beforehand. Mind you, I suppose we do live in England! lol :)

Hugs x x x

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