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Friday Hour X Hour


I'm going to be slim
Good Morning Losers
What a lovely morning it is I will take the bike out for a run at lunch time & make the most of the sun
BL I hope your neck isn't so painful this morning & your bike's ready for a weekend ride
Good luck to all who have wi's today
Have a great day
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hehehe - you are a day ahead of yourself MRs! Wish it was Frriday!!! :D

Bike is ready! Hope for a pin on Saturday. Neck is bad at the moment, so home today taking meds. Defiantely NOT a good time to ride!!!

Have a great day RC!! Even if it is only Thursday! :rotflmao:

(it is Thursday right? Better make sure I don't have it wrong!! heheh)


I'm going to be slim
:ashamed0005::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::sign0007: Its not FRIDAY IT'S THURSDAY
I'm cracking up That was wishful thinking Have a good day
Indeed RC! :D

Happy Friday everyone! Still shored up with my neck. But I slept better last night then the night before. In fact, I just woke up now, 30 minutes late for calling in work!! Oooops. THey figured it out, but still - I hate not calling before shifts start - don't think I have ever done that. Will blame it on the pills. In fact. I think I am going back to bed. Feeling very groggy.

Back later.
Happy day all.



Silver Member
Morning mate, YES its Friday YAY!!!!

I am feeling so great today, I was in bed by 8.30 last night and fast asleep by 9.30, so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.

I am so loving this new slimmer me, I think its finally sunk in that I am no longer fat, I saw myself in a shop window this morning and nearly fell over, I look good. And I feel good and I am so ready to take on the last few weeks of me in abstinence.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are all feeling well.
For those feeling cold, think of all the fat you are burning. ;)
BL hope your neck is feeling better today.


I'm going to be slim
BL sorry to hear you are still in pain I had a very painful shoulder for many years after having the maximum amount of jabs in the joint I got a healing lamp I now only need to use it monthly it might be worth you taking a look at this link Pain Free with Far Infrared Mineral Therapy - Healing Lamp from Electronic Healing

Good morning to you happy slim Tange
As you can see my lapses caught up with me and I had a gain it is the last & I will lose this next week
Good luck to all who have wi's today
Its another lovely sunny day here hope it is where you are


longs to be average!
Morning all,

Blimey it's warm this morning - OH is off now until Tuesday so off out this morning, haircut ready for tomorrows big reveal this afternoon and Lily back to vets this evening.

Still don't have a start date for my new job - getting somewhat frustrating now. I was hoping to start on Tuesday next week, but have booked a few things now, so want to start on the 7th. Have decided that if I don't hear anything by this time next week, then sod 'em and I will find something else. I quiet like the idea of being a porn star, and what with the weight loss, they will be no need for the wide angled lens!! Actually.......... I could say something to that, but I won't (there are ladies present!!)
Morning everyone

*trying to put Corey's 'Dirk Diggler' references out of her head*

Not a good start to the day here. 5 year old threw a tantrum over breakfast and ended up going to school without food, stomping all the way. We're going to Legoland for the weekend and the temptation to shout, 'RIGHT, we're not going now!' was really overwhelming, but that would be punishing the older one as well, so managed to bite it back. He is SO infuriating!

Off to have my first pack of the day (will do the vanilla with coffee in again, I think), run a few errands and then get packing for the weekend.

Still can't see your photos, Tange *sulking*.



Silver Member
Hahaha Kate.....I loved Boogy Nights (it was boogy nights wasn't it?) so tacky but so funny.

If you really really want to see them PM me your email address and I will email them to you ;)
Yes, I tried that - but it's not giving me a PM option!! I'll just have to keep racking up the posts by spouting drivel. It let me have an avatar when I got to 20, maybe I can view other stuff when I get to 50 or so. Will keep playing the word game, lol.


longs to be average!
u lot crack me up!! Dirk Diggler indeed! Oh to have the body of Mark Wahlberg! Heck, oh to have Mark Wahlberg ;)


longs to be average!
Bloody typical - I purchased a new hammock this morning at B&Q (50% off - so something good has come from the credit crunch), got it home, have just erected it, and it starts raining! No sodding rain for a good week or more, and now I can't laze in my garden!!!

Still better rain today than tomorrow - it's my nieces wedding!!

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