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friend wanted

Hi, is there anybody out there who would pal up with me through this Cambridge Diet journey. If you've been on it a while or if you're just starting that would be great. I think it would really help me to have someone who is experiencing the same things.
I'm on Day 3 and it's not awful but it's not easy either. Worrying about what i'll do with myself over the weekend as it'll be weird not doing lunch etc.
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Hey im on day 3 as well!!
Im relatively new to the concept of cd, not finding it too bad so far, yes i am hungry, but im hungrier for size 10's than food right now! lol
Loving the shakes(particularly chocolate and choc mint), haven't tried the soups ( didn't order any) but will try a few next week.
I have in excess of 5 stone to lose and hope to have 3 off by the 27th august.

I know what you mean about the weekend, I work night shifts sat and sunday nights (9pm til 7am) all im taking with me is bottled water and no money so the vending machines won't tempt me! lol

Every time i've felt hungry so far i've come on here and read success stories and drank water, it really helps me to forget about the food. According to everyone else the first 2 weeks are the hardest so hang in there and if you need to chat just give me a shout!


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Hey hon
We are all here for you... all going through the same journey whatever day we are on.
Just post on here when you need to chat or say something or need advice...
Good luck on your journey x


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I'm just starting today so would love to join you in your journey. I've been thinking about hunger pangs and how to tackle them. I have come up with the idea that I will drink a glass of water and then run up and down the stairs 5 times ( i have two lots of stairs so not so many lol) and gradually increase it.... :rolleyes:

Here's to a good day for us all.


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This is my first day today and I'd love to join in. I had apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast and now I'm filling up on water. My evil BF is now making himself some toast right in front of me ;) and he's making us watch a cooking programme on TV. Evil, I tell you!
day 5

Hi, I'm on day 5, my first weigh in day is Monday, had the plain porridge till now but just text my CD Councillor and she has got the apple and cinnamon, so having that next week. :eek:
Not been hungry at all but the boredom is awful at night, all I can think about is food. :)
Watching cooking programs doesn’t help.
My husband is going on CD on Tuesday so is must be easier with him not eating in front of me. :cool:
Just my son to cook for then.:jelous:
Hi everyone, Thanks for replying. I honestly believe that if i can talk to you lot i can do this. People who are not on it don't understand. I'm so glad there are new people -Louie lou, Nicola, mum24 and Miss Mallow. The old timers have all the experience so we'll all be lookin to you for advice - Hannah & curly wurly. it's great to see your weight losses; that's what's encouraging!
My husband is being brilliant. he's cooking for my son and shutting doors and opening windows etc so i don't smell the food. My 17 year old son is being a huge pest though as he doesn't like his dad's cooking, which is very limited, and he's trying to tempt me off it all the time. i gave him a big guilty spiel the other day about heart disease and type 2 diabetis so he's shut up a bit.
Btw my favourte by far is the porridge. i really don't like the shakes and the soups are fine but i hated brocoli and cheese. i left it and i'm normally scraping the bottom off the cup to get as much as i can!
i'm still starving too. are you?
how much weight do you all plan on losing?
i'm 5'1'' and started at 13st 2lb. ideally i should be under 9 stone but 10 would be great too! let me know your goals. hope you're all doing ok.
Hi everyone, im a returner (3rd time), keep putting it all back on. Started last wed (10 days) and lost 9lb which is brilliant but am worried lose it too quick, and it will go back on quick. Feel bit disheartened as such a good weight loss but am getting hunger pangs now. Must be time for a shake.

Good luck to everyone. :)
Everyone tells you if you lose it quickly it will go on quickly; well that might be true but i lost a stone and a half last year on Slimming World and it took me a year. I put it on on about 4 months so bang goes the theory that if it takes a while to come off it'll take a while to go on!
When I do other diets my weight loss always stops even although i don't cheat. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know if this can happen on CD?
ha, i've just had my shake Carolyn and i've still got hunger pangs!
Hi broxi, my son is 20 and can't remember me slim. It's 15 years since i was " normal " whatever that is, don't let your son put you off. He'll be proud of you when you get there. Louie:wave_cry:


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Hi Broxi, I'm on my 7th day - had my first wi this morning and I've lost 6lb :)

I find every time I get a hunger pang I drink more water and it goes again.

I think the weight loss slows down as you get closer to goal, plus your metabolism can be at rock bottom too and needs kick started again - that's why you go up the plan to 810 for a week and then come back down.

Good luck for your journey. I've got to lose 73lb (66lb now :)) and I want to get into size 10 jeans...
thanks for the advice louie lou. teenagers are selfish though!
Lynda, your similar weight and goals to me so here goes. i want size 10 jeans too.


is back to finish the job
I tried mine on today, just to see how far I have to go - they will only go up to my knees - good to have a physical goal to achieve!


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Hi Broxi, Im on day 6 today so I will be on here for a long time to come. My first weigh in is on monday and I'm really looking forward to it. This forum is great for talking to people that understand about cambridge 100% and can give you support when you need it. I have been on here every day even if just to read other people's posts it just gives you a sense of not feeling on your own on the diet. Good luck and if you need to chat I'll be on here. Zoe xx


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Well day one is just about over for me. Just had my last shake and not feeling too bad. Think i'll feel worse tomorrow! Went to my mums for tea and of course she thinks iam being stupid doing this but shes always been a skinny mini so doesn't understand.

Ideally I want to lose 3 stone and get to 9stone but i'm not too fussed on weight just how I feel in my clothes. Im weird as I weigh 12 stone but only in a size 12 (im 5'4'') and when im 10 stone im a comfortable size 10 so thinking if i was 9st may be more like an 8 and i don't want to be that as im not of a small frame so im just onna see how i go.

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