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From Fat to Fab

I really should've started this a week ago, but hey ho, better late than never.

Week 1 of DD: 5 days attack and a 6lb weight loss... what a fab start :D Minor transit issues (but the opposite of what I was expecting!) may well have helped the 6lb, but silver lining and all that! ;)

Now 3 days into cruising and I'm finding that I'm ravenous on PV days! Very strange!
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I find I'm too full to eat anything - am on day 3 of attack stage... oh well... :(
Well done though!
Had a tough day yesterday and really had to fight to keep myself on track. Was craving carbs and just about managed to keep my willpower in check. Woke up today feeling ill; sore throat & chesty cough, so maybe that's why I had such a bad time of it yesterday.

I wrote in my daily menu that I was planning a ham omlette for lunch, but meant chicken - because it's pre-packed in the same way as ham, I think of it as ham! I've noticed that I can taste salt in food - I got some frozen pre-cooked chicken and couldn't eat it because all I could taste was salt, checked the ingredients and hey presto, salt. And this is from someone who used to add salt to everything!
Haha true although had a weak afternoon yesterday, dont think I was eating enough which is a bit tough when I'm feeling full!
I think your taste buds do change... i used to drink litres of asda own brand diet coke and now i cant stand the taste of it


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hi there Cheryl,

How many day's attack are you planning? (if unsure, check on the official site for your true weight). As for the "other" transit issues, that can happen too ;) (enjoy! it's all weight loss, haaaa!)

Gibraltar - how lovely! Are you working there, or always lived there?

Do you have much dieting history?

Nosey us? never!
@Maintainer... I ended up doing just 3 days of attack... I had planned 5-7, but was at a BBQ on the Sat night and succumbed to some salad, so did a PP day on Sunday and then 'officially' started cruise on Monday. Moved to Gibraltar 6 years ago with DH's job, it's fab living in the med, and all the fresh fish does make the DD a tad easier ;) Unfortuntely I have to avoid all the lovely Spanish wines though :(

I did the WW diet after I had my son, which was fine while I was breastfeeding (my metabolism was higher), but combine stopping BF'ing, my son being ill in hospital for a week and (while I was on the ward) my step-mum suddenly dropping dead of a heart attack aged 41 and (no surprise) my diet failed miserably. It's taken a while to pick myself up and dust myself off I'm determined to succeed - if not for myself, then for my son as I had my cholesterol tested and it's through the roof, so I really need to get my BMI below 25. My step-mum's death was a BIG wake up call.

I've got a lot going against my efforts - I have PCOS and 18 cycles of fertility treatment (14 lots of pills & injections & 4 cycles of IVF) have really taken their toll (none of which matters though when I look at my gorgeous little boy), which does makes it harder (but not impossible) to lose weight but I think with determination I will get there. Plus the support from all the lovely people on this forum really does help :)

Well that's pretty much my diet/life story in a nutshell... I guess it helps people to know where I've been in order to be where I am now... :)
Welcome to Dukan and the forum - it does get easier. I wonder how I got through attack, did 4 days as recommended by Dr D, it seemed forever I felt really ill especially day 3 & 4 + major transit issues. Thank goodness I didnt give in best diet ever :)
First day back at work today after a few weeks holiday... though let me clarify on that - my baba had an operation a few weeks ago and only got the all clear to go back to nursery today, so my 'holiday' wasn't really a holiday as such. I think me and baba both welcomed the break from each other today as it was all I could do to wear him out each day... nursery fees are money very well spent in my opinion! Got home after lunch today and the little monkey promptly fell asleep for an hour... bliss :D

Made some cupcakes with my budding chef yesterday - he decorated them with smarties (move over Jamie Oliver!) and he and DH enjoyed eating some of them while I resisted and chewed on my knuckles instead! Not really I chewed on some beef!!! The rest went into mine & DH's workplaces today to palm off to colleagues!

First day back at the gym today and surprised myself - I thought I wouldn't have enough energy but did a good workout and really enjoyed it :)

Cooking dolmades tomorrow, though slight variation on the greek and am wrapping minced beef in cabbage leaves instead of vine leaves, served with some tzatziki... yum :)
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Hey like the idea of minced beef in cabbage leaves... Will try that one.
Well done so far!! :)
Well the dolmades (or dolmas as they're officially called if wrapped in cabbage leaves) were a resounding success... serious yum factor going on! Even baba had some of the filling with some rice, though I think the floor ate more than he managed to get in his mouth bless him!

Went to the gym and did an hour of cardio/resistance training. Thoroughly enjoy an hour of me time, though of course an hour in the bath with bubbles, vino & candles would be preferable, but unfortunately wouldn't help the diet!!

My colleague has noticed that I've lost weight, I love people noticing as it's such an incentive to keep going :) Plus visualising myself in Christmas/New Year/Baba's 2nd birthday piccies looking gorgeous helps too.

The fitness bug seems to have bitten DH on the derrière as he's been putting his running shoes on each night and going out for a run... I think his competitive streak has raised its head and he doesn't want to be outdone by me turning into a gym bunny! Good for him I say - if nothing else, it helps to keep me on track!
Well the dolmades (or dolmas as they're officially called if wrapped in cabbage leaves) were a resounding success... serious yum factor going on!
They sound gorgeous. :)
I've morphed into a gym bunny! I so look forward to my daily exercise 'fix'! Yesterday was probably helped by the fact that the TV at the gym was showing all Muse videos... I didn't want to stop!

I actually look forward to weighing myself each morning just to see how I'm doing, so jumped on the scales this morning and lo & behold I've lost another 1lb... that's 9lb in less than 3 weeks! Fabulous :D

I've started keeping a bottle of water on my desk at work - it's 750ml and I've found that by sipping it all morning I drink the lot before going to the gym. Add to that decaf tea & coffee during the day & diet coke with dinner and I've managed almost 2litres a day. So I'm very proud of myself :)
Went out yesterday with my two favourite men to our favourite chinese restaurant. It's a buffet with a twist - you pile your plate with raw ingredients and they cook it in front of you... first in boiling water and then flash fried in minimal oil :) Had chilli stuffed mussels, king prawns and octopus salad as a starter, then some squid, beef and chicken with courgette with garlic. It was lush :) Unfortunately something didn't agree though and the lot went through me like an express train and haven't been able to move from the flat today :( But I spose any damage done by the 'minimal oil' should be undone today by losing the lot... :(

It's strange though (and sorry if TMI) but I was always prone to transit issues of the 'not happening' type before starting Dukan. I was seriously worried about that becoming worse and already had Senokot at the ready. It seems that I've gone the opposite way though and seem to have either no probs (probably more frequent than before) or the express train. It's so strange.
It's official. I'm overweight! And I'm happy about it because that means that I'm no longer obese! It's such a relief not to have that awful title hanging around like a bad smell. Though I'm also not overly keen on having the title 'overweight, so decided to apply a different title with each notch I move down the BMI scale:

29: Plump
28: Buxon
27: Voluptuous
26: Curvaceous
25: Perfectly-proportioned

Right that's decided then, I'm just a bit plump!

Went to the gym yesterday and stepped it up a bit by doing a run. It's the first I've done since being on DD and boy did I feel good afterwards. Once I'd found my legs and lungs that is! I can feel it today - but it's such a good ache :) DH told me to pack my trainers for our UK trip next week as he wants us to go out for a run each day! He's been well and truly bitten by the running bug! And that really isn't a bad thing as it keeps me on my toes!
Congrats on being plump instead of obese lol ... I love your scale :D
Weighed myself as usual this morning... I'm 11 stone 7 lbs... that's a whopping 12lb weight loss in just over 3 weeks. Amazing. And even better is that I've gone down a dress size - from a 16 to a 14, which might not sound huge, but for someone who's only 5' 2" it really shows. The side effect of this though is that I need to buy some new clothes and I'm off for some retail therapy this afternoon... oh no, how awful!! ;)

Off on holiday on Monday to visit family. I'm so glad that I've shifted the best part of a stone in advance as, although I've still got a way to go, it's one stone less and I'm feeling much more confident about seeing everyone.

Was reading the Freddie Frog book to my 21 month old and pointed out the mouse to him. He shook his head and said 'bole'. So I pointed again and said 'look at the mouse', again he shook his head and said 'bole'. So asked his Daddy about it and it turns out that it's not a mouse, but a vole as mice don't live by the water. Of course they don't. And I've been corrected by a toddler... fabulous!
Never thought I'd fall off the diet wagon, but I did - I spose it can happen to those with the best of intentions :break_diet: In November we were a household of non-stop illness (flu & chest infections), followed by Christmas, new year and finally last week our son's 2nd birthday.

But now I feel I can finally breathe again and have got my focus back. The damage was 7lb gained and my clothes feeling snug but it really could've been a lot worse as I'm still 5lb down from my starting weight.

From next week my gym days are Mon/Wed/Fri - which I'll be sticking to religiously as I've signed up for a 10k in May to raise money for the special care baby unit that looked after our son :) A cause very close to my heart and a goal that I have every intention of keeping :)
Wow it's good to be back! It never ceases to amaze me how good I feel when I'm on this diet - not clogged up and sleepy from carbs :) Yes it was a shame that I fell off the diet wagon last year (I would've been at my true weight by now!) but hindsight is always a wonderful thing and I did what was best for me at the time...

Went to the gym today, and was expecting to struggle. And I did. I looked like a cranberry when I finally fell off the treadmill, which incidentally wasn't an attractive look when I popped into the supermarket en route to picking up the wee fella from nursery :eek:

I managed 3.5km in 28mins. Though that includes a 2 min walk at the beginning. The 10k I'm planning at the end of May suddenly seems a very daunting prospect and I'm wondering what on earth I've let myself in for. Well it certainly gives me the motivation I need to get back down the gym on Wednesday!!

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